Just three weeks to go until Fashion Week in Paris will start again. So I’m doing my list of what I really want to see in between shows. If I’m not shopping, which I’m going to do in my favorite stores here in Paris, there is one spot on top of the list: “The Drugstore” by famous British designer Tom Dixon at the 8th arrondissement. After being a hotspot for 60 years on the Champs-Élysées, the brasserie and bar has been completely renovated by Dixon’s Design Research Studio. And I need to see this.



First he renamed the former “Publicis Drugstore” to simply “The Drugstore”. Because the venue already exists since 1958, when Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, founder of the successful advertising agency Publicis Group, opened the bar to bring American dining culture with milkshakes and burgers to the Parisian scene. In 2017 Dixon located a renovated new bar and restaurant on the ground floor of the iconic shopping and entertainment center close to Arc de Triomphe.



After projects in London, Atlanta and Hongkong, the designs by Tom Dixon go very well with the heritage of the French capital: The bar is made of marble, located next to timber walls and oxblood red upholstery. Just by looking at the pictures you can feel, that Dixon’s studio kept the glamour of the 1960’s time, when advertising was still a different, more glamorous world. A mixture between a lot of nostalgia, inspired by scenerys of Mad Men, and all mixed up with the designers most famous creations.



The interior features a collection of the designers “Micro Wingback” chairs in grey and yellow. Those of you, who are into Dixon’s work, might know his famous lamps. There is something waiting for you on the ceiling of the 350 square meter space: it is warmly lit by Tom Dixon’s copper “Melt Surface” light. Underneath you find more of his designs: his “Scoop Chairs”, “Slant Stooles” – and drinks are served in his famous cooper martini glasses, of course. If you feel like shopping furniture afterwards, you’re welcome with this information.



If I can make it, I’m definitely not just going for drinks there. Because the food might be amazing, too. Éric Frechon, a three Michelin starred chef at Epicure Hotel Le Bristol Paris, is creating fantastic food in the open kitchen and patisserie. Frechon is famous for his raw-meetI can’t wait to come here.


Photo Credit: Images by Yann Deret and Peer Lindgreen

The Drugstore, 133 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris



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