No matter what anyone says about Thailand and how it might have changed during the last years as a holiday destination: There is this one resort which will always be like an oasis for me. My family and I used to travel to South East Asia almost every year and it is here we found our perfect spot: The Hotel “Six Senses Yao Noi” in Southern Thailand.


The resort is located between Phuket and Krabi on a small island and is the ultimate hideaway. Because on the island you find nothing but the cozy private villas with beautiful views of the beaches or over the woods and the beautiful limestone landscape of Phang Nga Bay. You can hear nothing but the sound of soft waves, a perfect spot to let go and relax to the fullest.

The hideaway is located between Phuket and Krabi.


Absolutely convenient. We arrived at Phuket Airport, there you’ll be picked up by a driver and arrive at a small harbor where a small speed boat was waiting for us. Our journey started with a beautiful boat ride which took around 30 minutes. Arriving on the island we were welcomed by the Six Senses Team with big smiles and welcome drinks.


What can I say but wow? We stayed in villa number 28, which I can highly recommend because it has the perfect view of the stony landscape of the bay. Each villa is built with natural materials and has its own infinity-edge pool, living room and chill out area. The villas are built on the mountain in a way that you can’t see the other villas around you. There are different categories to chose from: some have an ocean views, others direct access to the beach or there are hideaway mansions where you are in the middle of the island – always surrounded by nature.

The villa with the ocean panorama.
The villas are built into the mountain with a beautiful Ocean views .
Direct access to the beach: the beautiful beachfront villa.

There is also a stunning pool area on the top of the mountain where you can hang out with other guests and enjoy a lunch, exotic food and drinks at the pool.

Beautiful view of the famous limestone landscape of Phang Nga Bay.


First of all relax, go swimming and eat a lot. However, for all of you who want to be more active, the hotel offers many fun activities. For example, an evergreen is to take a daytrip to the Island where they filmed the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. But if you’re into diving, like I am, there are some great spots to go diving too.

Go with the boat from island to island.

I’m a passionate scuba diver so I did a lot of different dives while I was there. It is absolutely stunning. Beautiful nature reserves where you will see thousand of colourful fishes. For those of you who come mid-end April might be lucky and see a whaleshark,  I unfortunately was there out of season and didn’t get to see one. But I’ll make sure to plan accordingly next time! Also they offer thai boxing, snorkling daily boat trips, kayak tours. For those of you who just want to kick back and chill at the hotel, the area “The Den” is your spot to go on the island.

“The Den” is the common area to relax and have lunch at the resort.

One of my personal favorites was the evening beach cinema. On some evenings they build up an open air cinema and show the old classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Casablanca”. Watching a movie at the beach under the starry sky, popcorn in one hand and a drink in the other. Perfect.

At night this part of the beach becomse an open-air-cinema at the beach.


Another very special thing about the hotel is that they are very sustainable. They receive their food from local farmers and also farm by themselves on the island. They plant their own herbs like basil, chilli, lemongrass, coriander and have a small mushroom hut which you can visit. What I found very charming is that they produce fresh organic eggs from 200 free-range chicken and the guests can join in the daily egg collection.

Organic_Free_Range_Chicken_Farm _hr.jpeg

Even their breakfast is special. They don’t have an ordinary hotel buffet. You find little rooms, which look like shops where you can get your cheese, you pastry and ice creams. Breakfast has never been that fresh before. And for all of you who are vegan, no problem! They have everything you want and need.

Every food counter is like an own little shop at the resort.


The spa is like a small village nestled into the tropical hillside. You have a big selection of massages, facials with products made of purely natural ingredients and different body treatments. I personally like the Swedish massage the most. And of course they also offer Yoga classes. To make sure, that the amazing food doesn’t leave traces on your hips after the holidays.

Morning yoga with a beautiful view on the limestone landscape of Phang Nga Bay

So, if you’re searching for me during the next German winter, find me at Villa 28 again.

Photo credit: Six Senses Yao Noi


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