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I have to say that when I moved to Hamburg three years ago, there was very little choice of restaurants which served delicious breakfast. Because I’m not really the english breakfast type – greasy sausages and hash browns – eww. Nor am I the cold ham and cheese plate type. But during the last year, things changed and lots of small new restaurants popped up all over the city, so the following list is a selection of my favorites:

Brüder Lund

Two brothers, Christoffer & Frederik from Denmark decided to bless Hamburg with their restaurant in Eppendorf: Brüder Lund. It’s the perfect breakfast spot and in summer you can also enjoy their little outdoor space. There’s smørrebrød style bread that comes served with smoked salmon, Comté cheese or avocado. Get the “Brüder’s Platte” for all three of them. The bread is homemade and really delicious. So is their  granola bowl, it’s also homemade and is served with fresh blueberries and mint. YUM!

Address: Eppendorfer Weg 283, 20251 Hamburg

UPDATE from May 2017: Brüder Lund is no longer open for breakfast, they’ve transformed into a wine bar/restaurant serving dinner only! We’ve already tried it and it’s pretty sweet – definitely worth a try!

Was wir wirklich lieben

The owners of the two Küchenfreunde restaurants in Hamburg describe this new concept as a “deli restaurant” with rustic, cozy atmosphere and healthy foods. The name could be translated into “what we truely love”. Here you can choose from Açaí Bowls, healthy fresh juices, overnight oats and breakfast toasts with avocado. Everything is delicious – my favorite are the overnight oats that come slightly warmed with a red berry fruit compote.

Address: Hegestraße 28, 20251 Hamburg

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

Not only famous for their speciality coffee, but also for the best poached egg and waffles in town. There’s also a newer addition to the menu for all our vegan friends out there: the vegan Quinoa-Fritter, sadly the last two times this delicious dish was sold out, so you should probably get there earlier than me on a Sunday. I can really recommend it. Don’t forget to order the waffles! And if you’re not vegan, always get an extra poached egg on top of the toast.

Address: Deichstraße 9, 20459 Hamburg
UPDATE from December 2018: We’re excited to have a new second location of Nord Coast Coffee Roastery in Eppendorf: Isestrasse 71! They’re open Mo-Fr 9am-6pm, closed on Wednesday and Sat-Sun 10am-6pm.



Balz und Balz

Beautiful cozy interior, lovely ceramic table ware and lovable people. They might only serve proper breakfast with eggs on weekends. But still, their “Stullen” open sandwiches are so good, you want eat them at any time of the day. Seriously though, try the Bauernleberwurst with homemade onion marmalade. Crazy good. There’s Bircher muesli and also a granola fruit bowl with thick yogurt that makes for a lovely start into the day. Every day.

Address: Lehmweg 6, 20251 Hamburg



Café Johanna

This place is the best if you want to have a relaxed breakfast in a quiet street with some sunshine. My favorite is the Ayurvedic breakfast bowl, that comes with warm red fruit compote or the small sandwiches they prepare each morning. I recommend you get one with sweet mustard, cheese and a slice of apple – so delicious!

Address: Venusberg 26, 20459 Hamburg



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Pictures: Brüder Lund, Was wir wirklich lieben, Nord Coast Roastery, Balz und Balz, Café Johanna



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