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Next level: Going on a road trip with this camper! The brand ‘Happier Camper’ isn’t just absolutely convincing because of their vintage design. They look so damn cute, but are also affordable and rentable for a road trip through California and Canada.

Staying at the beach with the babyblue ‘HC1’ by Happier Camper.

Everyone who knows us girls from THE BETTER PLACES, knows that we’re always dreaming about cabins in the woods, secret hideaways and all this. But when we discovered these handcrafted campers by Derek from Los Angeles, we really have the next point on our bucket list.

Ultra-light trailer ‘HC1’. Yes, tey can be pulled by smaller cars.

In the interior you can choose from different variations, from kitchenettes to beds, from spaces for bikes or boats. But in the US, the trailers by Happier Camper are also used as food trucks and gastronomic trailers. Inspired by classic campers—but packed with modern functionality and handmade in California.

Inside, you can choose  a built-in kitchenette in a number of sizes and setups. The interior is also lined with multiple storage areas, while the foundation is made up of a solid honeycomb fiberglass material. 
It looks small from the outside, but in the inside you have space for all your stuff.
The HC1 campers are handmade by the owner, so  it’s fully customizable. As you can see here, for example as a mobile bar.

Whether you plan on using the vintage trailer for towing, camping or as a mobile bar. The customizable interior allows you have inside whatever you want.

Find out more about the ‘HC1’ vintage trailers, the 7 retro-colors you can order them or where to rent them on their website

And meanwhile we watch this video again and again:

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Happier Camper


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