When it comes to light, I’m addicted to all kind of happenings in the nature. I’m incredibly fascinated every time I see a sunrise, dawn, clear star nights or even thunderstorms and lightning.

So of course at the top of my ‚once-in-a-lifetime’-wish-list you find to see the northern lights in Scandinavia. And so we’re all into architecture, in the northern parts you find the best design hotels to watch the lights perfectly.

I didn’t make it yet (because I hate cold weather and you have to go there in winter time. So somehow I always find an excuse…) – but because I’m really planning to do it next year: Here I share my favorite resorts with you, that make childhood dreams come true.


One of the most famous arctic resorts when it comes to seeing the northern lights: the glass igloos. You’re surrounded by the winter wonderland in the middle of nowhere – actually the Finnish region of Lapland, 250 kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

Kakslauttanen glass igloo 2(1).jpg
Some of the 40 igloos in the ‘Kakslauttanen’ retreat in the region of Lapland.
You can stay here in a bona fide igloo or a glass-ceilinged one for clear northern lights viewing while enjoying cozy temperatures. Besides the igloos – which have a personal sauna and rooms which are furnished with fur, cashmere and textiles by Ralph Lauren  – you find a snow restaurant, where tables are made of ice, and also a snow chapel in the village.

More information: http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos inside .JPG
You get notified by a buzzer to wake up, as soon as the northern lights are visible.


The Mirrorcube is one of the “treerooms” at the Treehotel in Sweden, located in Harads in the north of the country. The glass outside reflects the surrounding nature. Each one of the seven houses you can book here, has outstanding architecture and fulfill every child’s fantasy: from an UFO to a bird’s nest.

Photo John Butlin (3).jpg
The mirrorcube was designed by the two Swedish architects Tham & Martin Videgard.
The Mirrorcube is one of our favorites of the tree hotels and offers space for two people and also rooftop terrace. Shower and sauna are located in two separate buildings close by.

Reflecting the nature: The 16 square meter mirrorcube in Harads, Sweden.
More information: http://www.treehotel.se


Located one hour away from the capital Reykjavik, you find this outstanding sustainable design crush: the ‘Ion Hotel’. It was build on a moss covered mountain base on an active volcano.

ION lava exerior.jpg
The ION hotel won several prizes for their sustainable design and creations thanks to it’s low carbon footprint.
The ION Hotel is surrounded by a surreal landscape of lava fields, geysers and steaming rivers, by ‘Thingvellir National Park’ (a UNESCO world heritage site). The house itselfs has the perfect conditions to watch the northern lights due to the panoramic windows. And the interior gives you a cozy vibe with its wooden walls and minimalist furniture which are complemented by soft sheepskin-covered chairs and fireplaces for the distinctive Icelandic feeling.

Great view from the Icelandic ION hotel at the aurora.
Showing respect for the nature of Iceland, the hotel incorporates innovative materials, sustainable practices and the natural features into its design. And when you’re all about getting out of the hotel and wanting to discover the ‘country of fire & ice’: The hotel also offers several tours – from fly-fishing to horseback-riding.

More information: http://ioniceland.is/

ION aurora bar.jpg
The minimalistic interior of the ION Hotel in Iceland.
And by the way: Don’t worry, when you will see the northern lights on your photos just in different green shades. You’re not the first photographer who has to discover that the photos unfortunately can’t show the real fascination and color range of the lights. One reason more to see them in real life.


Photo Credit: John Butlin / Vidar Moloekken / Art Gray / Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson / Torfi Agnarrson / Kristbjorg Sigurjonsdottir


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