This new hotspot in Munich is one for all the foodies and interior lovers in the city: Japanese fine dining (yes, good sushi is always welcome here), fantastic cocktails and combined with a mystic, distinct interior. All dishes are to share with goes along with the upcoming experience of community dinner. Izakaya restaurant isn’t just located in a district of the city, which will definitely evolve to it’s best in the early future, you find it within the soon-to-open hotspot hotel Roomers at Landsbergerstrasse. (About we will tell you more after the official opening at the 12th October 2017.)

The Food Concept

What can I say, except of WOW! Izakaya presents modern Japanese cuisine with South American influences in an outstanding shared-dining concept. Behind this inspiring idea are creative hospitality entrepreneurs Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, owners and founders of Amsterdam-based ‘THE ENTOURAGE GROUP’, and the group’s managing director Stephanie Pearson. 

The Executive Chef Hariprasad Shetty composed a menu of small and suprising creations. Tomato ceviche and spiced corn sticks to die for, and these were just the starters. But overall, the dining experience is an unforgetable happening at Izakaya. They have 99 dishes where each one is carefully presented. All the courses are served on small plates, so the guests can try and order as much as they want to – and as much fits on the table. The dishes are meant to be shared like tappas, with the goal to invite for conversation about the texture and flavors. And I tell you, this is actually a lot of fun. And due to the fact, that the portions aren’t meant to be main dishes, you can try as many as you can of the variety of dishes.

Izakaya Munich Sushi The Better Places Roomers Hotel Muenchen
Seabass, yellowtail or salmon: You find an excellent selection of Sashimi at Izakaya

So how to choose? At Izakaya you have three options of ordering. The first one (my personal favorite): The waiters choose for you the ultimate combination of dishes. You have the chance to taste at least one dish that – we promised you – have never tried before. You have the perfect selection of everything: sushi, meat and fancy starters. The second option is that you can choose a menu of seven courses. And the third option is to choose and select your own dishes.

Still dreaming of the spicy tuna roll and the chrispy duck roll.

All the creations the waiters choosed for us, were absolutely outstanding. My personal favorite was the sushi, especially the chrispy duck roll and the spicy tuna roll. Something new for me was the scallop and truffel suimai. Also I have never tried something so juicy and tender as the beef tenderloin. And I live half of the year in Argentina, so you can imagine how good it was. What I loved about the restaurant was the combination of meat, fish, sushi and vegetables – so you never get bored of one thing. Not only are the waiters super nice, but also very helpful. They explain every single dish and take care that at the end of the meal you are happy with their choice.

Izakaya Munich Sushi The Better Places Roomers Hotel Muenchen
The grill is located in the front part of the restaurant.


Izakaya has a very mystical atmosphere. I entered the restaurant at 7 pm and left the venue at 2 am without even noticing how long we were in there. It has such a unique atmosphere that you literally forget about time. Because you get soaked up by the food, the crowd and the whole ambience of Izakaya. A big part of this is owed to the interior – designed by Concrete Amsterdam: remarkable black materials and contrasting light oak lamellas at the ceiling and the wall. Izakaya offers a variety of different seating areas, cozy sofa corners and an outstanding 360° black stained bar with marble. Also they have an open kitchen where you can watch the cooks preparing the food and can ask questions about the different ingredients.

Izakaya Munich Sushi The Better Places Roomers Hotel Muenchen
Wooden interior, black features and the illuminated fish on the ceiling.


This hidden room, which you enter by a secret door in the back of the bar area, is absolutely intriguing. It brings you back in to the 1960’s with its red velvet textures and dancing lights. You feel like in an Austin Power movie but with better music 😉 With its own DJ desk, cool seating areas and with delicious drinks you can party all night there. Just what we did 🙂 It can hold up to 40 people – so it is the ultimate after party location.

Izakaya Munich Sushi The Better Places Roomers Hotel Muenchen
Our promise: This room will see a lot of legendary parties.


As already mentioned in the beginning, Izakaya is located in the soon-to-open Roomers hotel in one of the changing, upcoming areas in Munich. It is only five minutes away from the main train station, ten minutes from the city center – but until now, you don’t find too many stylish places or restaurants in this part of Munich. Our attentive readers may remember the wild night we had at Roomers Hotel in Baden-Baden (you find more about that in this article), and now Munich is about to get one of these unique ventures – created by The Entourage Group and Gekko Group. Roomers is famous for it’s classy design, authentic service and in wintertime you will find in this new Roomers also a spa, which we can’t wait to spend time at.

But until the official opening of Roomers, you will definitely find us several times at Izakaya.

Outstanding 360° black stained bar with marble.

Address: Landsberger Strasse 68, 80339 Munich

Photo credit: Helena Schoeller und Steve Herud





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