Those who know me well, may have already experienced that I would skip every main dish for dessert. And above all, when it comes to cake. So from classics like cheesecakes to fancy vegan tartlets, it’s time to share my favorite places to have some nice cake in Berlin.


And I don’t just mention them, because our flat is around the corner: First of all, the atmospehere here is quite nice and the staff is very nice. We went there with a little dog, who got some treats as well – and of course that’s how this coffee shop won my heart. But coming back to the main topic: Their cake is amazing! Try the chocolate ones or their banana bread, their pancakes are delicious too. Because they are basically cake as well – aren’t they?

One of their fancy creations: popcorn cake at Distrikt Coffee in Berlin.
One of their fancy creations: popcorn cake at Distrikt Coffee in Berlin.

Distrikt Coffee, Bergstrasse 23, Berlin Mitte


By now, they have two shops in Berlin. The first one you’ll find in Kreuzberg, and a second one in Mitte. Besides their great coffee (I do really love their “Santa Julia” for brewing at home), they offer delicious homemade cakes. My favorite? Their toffee-chocolate creations. But also try their apple granola muffin!

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Not only their coffee is to die for: FIve Elephant Coffee & Cake.

And if you are searching for a cozy location to hang out a little bit longer, visit their Kreuzberg location. If you just want to drop by to get a quick cake or a good coffee, their Mitte location is more than fine.

Mitte Location: Alte Schönhauserstr. 14, Berlin

Kreuzberg location: Reichenbergerstr. 101, Berlin


One of those all-time-classics. Since the time you find this shop in every Lonely Planet guide, so there are a lot of tourists here and it’s nearly impossible to get a seat – especially on the weekends. But despite this, they have delightful cakes, which can also be bought for take-away. And they are always a nice present to bring to dinner invitations, because the boxes aren’t just cute looking, they are also offering tasty vegan cakes (which are often needed in Berlin as you can guess) and my favorite cake, the cream and crumble one with chocolate called “Katharinchen”.

The meringe cake at Princess Cheesecake in Berlin Mitte.
The meringue cake at Princess Cheesecake in Berlin Mitte.

Princess Cheesecake, Tucholskystraße 37, 10117 Berlin


First I discovered their girly cakes at one of my favorite food venues in Berlin: Markthalle Neun. There I was attracted, next to their cute party accessories, candles and garlands, by their perfect looking white cakes.

best cake in berlin coffee shop the better places travel blog
One of the flawless creations at Aunt Benny.

And they are promising what they look like: The cheesecakes are almost as perfect as some original recipes I remember from our last trip to New York. But their creations are more special than you might think at first: Lavender cake, carrot ginger or strawberry rhubarb riesling cake. And if you’re around in Friedrichshain disctrict, visit the restaurant of Aunt Benny to get some good North American comfort food for breakfast.

Aunt Benny at Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, Berlin

Aunt Benny, Oderstraße 7, 10247 Berlin

Photo credit: Distrikt Coffee, Five Elephant Coffee & Cake, Princess Cheesecake Berlin, Aunt Benny Berlin

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