New vegetarian-vegan restaurant in Munich: Green Beetle by Käfer

One of the best vegan restaurants I have tried in Munich. The new Restaurant is a major sustainable initiative from the Käfer family, the founders of the famous retail and hospitality companies in Munich, who have created a new theme “Käfer Goes Green” last year and the entire group is dedicating itself to keep sustainability as their main focus. Everything in the Green Beetle is sustainable, from the food to the furniture to the wall cladding.


The dishes are great! I had several experiences in Munich were the vegan food tasted a bit boring or tasteless but not in the Green Beetle. Felix Adebahr, head chef in the Green Beetle, relies on the use of different cooking techniques, flavors and color accents in order to create a perfect culinary experience. The food is very tasty and one wants to try all of the different offers on the menu. I went with my Argentine husband who is normally very critical about vegan food, but after having dinner there he asked me when we could return. An absolute highlight for us this year. Since it is not only vegan but also vegetarian, one can make a variety of different foods like the Green Beetle Cesar salad, my personal favorite, the vegetarian Pinsa with Bavarian mushrooms and the vegan pumpkin and many more great variations. No matter what you like, you will find something delicious on their menu.

The delicious Caesar Salad in the making

The Drinks

No matter if you enjoy drinking alcohol or not you will find something delicious on their drink menu. I had like 2 Rhubarb Me and 3 No Gin and Tonic. I couldn’t stop drinking their delicious non-Alcoholic drinks. All of their drinks are also based on a sustainable background. All their suppliers like Aqua Monaco and The Duke Destillerie have their focus on sustainability, too.

The Interior

The Interior, like the rest of the restaurant, is 100% sustainable. When selecting the materials, Thomas Mang and Stefan Mauritz – the interior designers and the project managers at Käfer – paid particular attention to working with respect for resources, craftsmanship and sustainability and thus transferring the culinary philosophy of the Green Beetle to the design. The result presents itself as an impressive synthesis between uncompromising modernity and connection with nature.

The young designers and architects MangMauritz selected partners who lay as much focus on sustainability as themselves. For example the tiles are made entirely of recycled material, they were reburned from old shards. The fittings come from Dornbracht, the world market leader from Germany, who deliberately produces authentically with traceable production methods and fair working conditions. Therefore, you can see how Käfer puts emphasis on their new sustainable concept.

Sustainable Textiles

The sustainable workwear comes from the innovative company Kaya & Kato. The brand relies on an innovative mix of organic cotton and polyester made from recycled plastic waste from the sea, which Spanish fishermen collect. All their workers, from cooks, waiters and bartenders wear sustainable cloth but also shoes. The shoes are from the local sustainable brand Monaco duck, which its well known for their vegan sneakers.

We are so happy to have such a great restaurant in Munich, which puts so much emphasis on local sources and conscious design. Not only is the food and the drinks absolutely delicious but also the whole restaurant is cool, stylish and 100% sustainable. What a great new initiative from the Käfer Group. We can highly recommend this place!

Photos: Käfer Group

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