How do you plan your holidays? How do you decide where to go and what to do? After my husband and I knew we wanted to spend our honeymoon on the Maldives, we decided to ask the ultimate experts in Maldive travel – Stop Over Reisen, which is in business for 30 years and knows every single island in the Maldives.

The Munich based travel agency Stop Over Reisen, which is run by Sabine Beyer, who is not only an expert in the Maldives, she knows every spot by heart. She just came back from a two weeks excursion to check out 12 new islands for her clients.

In business for 30 years: Sabine Beyer


There are hundreds of beautiful islands in the Maldives. So how to choose? It’s very simple with Stop Over Reisen. We called Sabine Beyer, to tell her about our wish to go to the Maldives and that we were looking for an island which had the typical “no shoes needed”-feeling, not too modern but still stylish and suitable for honeymooners. After a short phone call, Sabine already organized six hotels, which she thought would fit perfectly to our expectations. And they did!

There are over thousand Islands on the Maldives

So in only a few days, she organized the perfect hotel, for the best price with amazing honeymoon specials for us. Per WhatsApp we organized everything and in only one week the honeymoon was planned.

More than 100 islands: Which resort to choose?


Yes, this is not a joke. It actually happened to us. Only two weeks before our honeymoon started, our preferred hotel, which we had chosen many months ago, lost many villas during a fire. So they closed down in one night. When I heard the news, I started crying. What else to do? However, Stop Over Reisen was like a white knight and organized in only one day, in one of their favorite hotels, a new honeymoon destination for us in the Maldives for the same price and the same specials and the same honeymoon feeling we were looking for. It was one of the hotels, which we almost would have chosen many months ago when we started planning our honeymoon. We were so extremely happy and the hotel they choose suit perfectly our expectations. So our honeymoon was back on, thanks to Sabine Bayer and her team.


Before we left on our honeymoon, we received a care package from the travel agency, with creams, a personal letter, luggage tags and sand from the Maldives. The ideal way to be prepared for our honeymoon.


When we arrived at Male International Airport, the staff from our hotel Vakkaru was waiting there with a person from Stop Over Reisen to welcome us at Arrival. We had to absolutely do nothing – every step of the way was perfectly organized by Stop Over Reisen and even the room we requested over Sabine Beyer was available for us. During our stay, we were in close contact with with the travel agency, who checked with us if everything worked out in our interest. We could totally relax and not worry about anything.

The beautiful Vakkaru where we spend our honeymoon

Our flight back home was quite late in the evening and no water planes are allowed to fly in the Maldives after 6 p.m. – But the agency not only organized a boat transfer to the closest inland airport, also the tickets and seats were reserved. I am normally a control freak – especially when traveling. However, with the team of Stop Over Reisen I could just let go and enjoy the trip without worrying about anything.


This year Stop Over Reisen is becoming 30 years old. And I have to admit: It was the best choice to have booked our journey with this agency because they took care of everything and one didn’t have to worry about anything. Every time I have consulted or booked via Stop Over Reisen, our holidays were unforgettable. Last time we used their service, it was a trip to the Six Senses Hotel in Thailand, which was also a perfect fit for our travel goals. Read more about it in this article.

Address: Stop Over Reisen – Grünwalder Str. 248, 81545 Munich, Germany

Contact: +49 89 24214410

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Photos: Christine Dempf / Stop Over Reisen


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