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I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have actually never been to the flea market “Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen” in Paris before.

It’s the largest and definitely the most famous flea market and a perfect hunting ground for not only antique furniture, vintage toys, Art Deco lamps but also some pretty amazing vintage jewelry. That said, you should probably know just a little bit about what you are planning to buy, there are some vendors selling “vintage” made in China products so be careful. That’s why we’ve explored the area and have picked the best spots for you here:

Rue de rosiers

There are many small narrow streets going off left and right of rue des Rosiers, but don’t forget to check out the stores on this street! There are some amazing shops and galleries selling Art Deco furniture, lamps and decorations. Make sure to visit Galerie Glustin for amazing lamps like this Sputnik or Galerie des Glaces for a huge collections of antique mirrors.  At Giraud Art Deco on the same street you will find the best and rarest vintage Chanel jewelry. It’s like a museum!


Le Marché Biron

A section inside the flea market area is le Marché Biron. It’s considered one of the top art markets in France and  professional vendors are selling beautiful selections of antiques for generations. Walk down Allée 1 for some amazing stores selling vintage silver by Christofle and Puiforcat.

Marché Paul Bert Serpette

Another section inside of the puces de Saint-Ouen is Marché Paul Bert Serpette and it is the best place to shop for furniture and unique high-quality vintage pieces. Here we discovered a shop by Francis Zubeck, who sells the most unique pieces, like an old Deutsche Mark register by National. I will probably be seeing this piece again at the next cashier desk of a hip coffee shop at Soho House. Guaranteed! The same goes for the already sold antique bar counter, that comes with a still full functioning beer tap. Prost!

Best Vintage Shops in Paris

Best Vintage Shops in Paris

All shops at Marché aux puces Saint-Ouen are only open Saturday- Monday.

Addresses: Galerie Glustin, 140 rue des Rosiers – 93400 Saint-Ouen
La galerie des glaces: 87, rue des rosiers – 93400 Saint-Ouen
Giraud Art Deco: 91, rue des Rosiers -93400 Saint-Ouen
Francis & Grace Z
ubeck, Marché Paul-Bert, Allée 1, Stand 20 – 93400 Saint-Ouen

Pictures: Jessie Schoeller



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