For many years I have been travelling to the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world with long, white beaches, turquoise water and the most amazing scenery. I think I have been in almost every bay around the Costa Smeralda. So I’m happy to share the list of my favorite bays with you. Some you can reach by car and for some you need a boat. But trust me, every single of them is like paradise on earth.

Romazzino Bay

One of my favorite places to go by car is the bay of the Romazzino Hotel. It has a beautiful beach, which is not very big and therefore not too crowded with toursists. The water is spectacular – and for all of you who like snorkling, there are many phenomal rocks under water with little fishes to see. There are also sunbeds, which you can rent right next to the hotel, which are very comfortable. Also, for all of you who enjoy watersports, there is a waterskischool, which offers almost all watersport activities.

The beautiful view on the bay of the Romazzino Hotel

Long Beach

As the name already points out, this is a beautiful long beach next to the Cala di Volpe Hotel. It is a fun beach with food stands and people walking around selling clothes, bags, water and beach toys. There is a lot of activity happening there. However, since it is a very long beach, you can also enjoy quietness and the beautiful view with less people. The Cala di Volpe bay has the biggest yachts, parked right in the bay. While laying on the beach, you can enjoy the view of the most unique boats that have ever been built, like the sailing boat “A” or the “Dilbar” – which is one of the biggest boats in the world.  And for those of you who are into this kind of stuff: Sometimes you can even spot a celebrity jumping off from one of the boats.

The biggest sailing boat in the world: “A”
The most beautiful yachts in world parked right infront of you.

Porto Rafael

One of the cutest places in Sardinia: Porto Rafael. This beautiful little port looks like from an old hollywood movie. It has a small, but very charming beach with a beautiful view on the ocean. The piazza of Porto Rafael offers small cafes with delicious ice creams and shops where you want to buy everything. It is all very tiny, but worth the visit. Also, if you don’t want to spend your whole day there, you should go for an Aperitivo and enjoy the sunset.  Trust me! You will think you are in a theatre play.

Porto Rafael: Also nice to enjoy a sundowner


To get here you will need a boat. But trust me, it is absolutley worth it. Tavolara is a beautiful island, which has the shape of a lying Dinosaur. I know it sounds weird, but it does. Very often you can see dolphines passing by. So keep your eyes open! Anker your boot at one of the impressive cliffs. The water there is dark blue and the view of the cliff is stunning. It could get a bit wavy, so better choose a day when there is no wind. Like that you can enjoy the calmness in the middle of the ocean.


Tahiti Cala Coticcio Caprera

Here comes one of my favorite bays in Sardinia. To get there you will need a boat, too. This beautiful bay is a mixture of small beaches and amazing cliffs. One of your favorite activities is to climb up the cliffs and jump into the water. Also all snorkling fans will love this place. There are hundreds of small fishes and colourful sea stars to see. The water is fantastic: super clear and is dark blue with turquoise patches.

It is so much fun to jump of the cliffs and stones in the water

Beautiful turquoise water.

San Teodoro

Here is one of my personal highlights – even though it’s a little bit off topic. Because it is not exactly at the Costa Smeralda, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! San Teodoro can be reached by car or by boat. I prefer going there by boat because it is a beautiful drive down the coast of Sardinia. It takes around 1 1/2 hours by boat and one hour by car from Porto Cervo. San Teodoro has the most beautiful beach: The water is so clear that you can go very close with the boat to the beach and enjoy this little paradise. Kilometres of white beach with hardly any people and no boats. Every year when I am in Sardinia, we make a stop there because a beach like this, you normally just find in the Maledives.

Turquoise water and white beach.


Photo credit: Helena Schoeller

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