One for true adventurers: Who wants to sleep in a capsule hanging 365 meters of a cliff? Then now is your chance. At the impressive Skylodge Adventure Suites there are three exclusive transparent luxury capsules, hanging on a mountain with a 300 degrees view of the beautiful Sacred Valley. It is the first hanging lodge in the world.


The Capsules

The three capsules can hold a maximum of eight people and are made of aerospace aluminium and polycarbonate to be weather resistent. The capsules are seven meters long and 2,5 meters high and wide. Everything is powered by solar panels and every capsule comes with four beds, a dining area and a private bathroom, which also has a stunning view over the valley, although there are curtains for a little privacy at night.



Skylodge Adventure Peru Hanging Lodges Cliff Cusco
Interesting experience: Going to the bathroom 300 meters above the earth.

So how do you get up there?

Most importantly you need to be willing to go on an adventure and you really should be free from giddiness. Of Via Ferrata you can either climb 400 meter up to the capsules or hike an intrepid trail with ziplines. Either way you choose it is an absolute amazing experience. The journey is the reward. On the way up you already have a stunning view with pitstops where you can enjoy some drinks and snacks and take in the panorama view over Sacred Valley. It is so safe that all hikers of all ages can make it up there easily.


Skylodge Adventure Peru Hanging Lodges Cliff Cusco

The Experience

The whole experience consists of one day and one night. You get picked up in Cusco around noon in your hotel or at the airport. After you arrive at Pachar, where the climbing will start, you have a safety and equipment talk with the bilingual guides. The climbing or hike up will take around two hours. It is pure adrenaline, we promise. After arriving in the SkyLodge you receive a briefing of how to use the capsules. After this you are free to move around and try out everything. In the evening they serve a delicious traditional Peruvian dinner with wine. Afterwards you can fall asleep under the stars. In the morning you can enjoy a nice breakfast with the most spectacular view over Sacred Valley. After that, you’ll start the descent, which will take around two hours again. Then you will be dropped back in Cusco at your given address.



This is a once in a lifetime experience. So if you are planning a trip to Peru, make sure to spend one night at this unique lodge.

Address: Pista 224 km, Urubamba-Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Peru

Photos: Skylodge Adventure Suites


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