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Seriously, we tried a lot of Asian Food in Berlin. Various hyped Noodle Soups, Ramen Burgers, fancy overpriced Kimchi dishes, and so on… But the idea to fry the bao bread of their burgers with a tempura crust of the newly opened Ryong Restaurant in Berlin Mitte is so unique, that the team around Huy Thong even patented their recipe. And we loved it!

RYONG_Berlin_TheBetterPlaces_late summer_Chi Phan.jpg
Burger ‘Late Summer’ is one of the 5 different vegan creations: It comes with tempura crusted bread, beetroot and raddish.

Centrally located at Torstraße, you find the Ryong Restaurant with nice detailed interior, enlighted writings and wooden furniture. Make your way through the menu and better try every starter they offer. Maybe to share with some friends. Our favorites? The baked avocado with egg called ‘Dragon Egg’ or the baked Sweet Potato Sticks with garlic mayonnaise.

Order them all and share with your friends: The starters from vegetable chips to fried stuff.
Nice wooden interior, unique vegan food: We really like the new Ryong at Torstraße.


5 different vegan burgers with steamed bao bread, various vegetable combinations from  zucchini to beetroot and served with peanut or sory marinade. But be sure to choose one with the bespoke tempura crust – you’ll love us for this advice. Or for the daring ones: One of the creations even comes with a chocolate tempura crust. So good.


Everyday homemade noodles made with spelt: You can choose between vegetarian and vegan noodles for your soup which are an advancement from an old family recipe of the crew. Try one of the spicy soups or the creamy recipe with soy and miso. To create the dishes, the cooks consult a Buddhist monk to find the right herbs and combinations of the ingredients.

RYONG_dragon bowl_Chi Phan.jpg
Homemade noodles with toppings like seitan, tofu to king oyster mushroom to choose from.


The three soy lattes at Ryong are the best to finish the menu: Warm vegan milk and a taste of either banana, sweet potato or pumpkin. Trust us: Have a sip and you could fall asleep satisfied and right away.


Torstraße 59, 10119 Berlin

Opening hours: 12 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Photo Credits:  Chi Phan



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