Have you heard of the “invisible haircut”? Yes, it is the one that suits Duchess Kate Middleton and many other celebrities. Its inventor is the Italian hairdresser Rossano Ferretti – and you can book an appointment in one of his salons all around the world from New York City, Rome to the Maledives.

What makes this cut unique?

“First, I have to teach the Germans to stop cutting their hair so choppy and boringly straight”, Ferretti says to me when we meet. “Those straight lines don’t suit anyone. The hair must move. That’s the whole secret behind it.” Why I had the chance to try one of his 1.500 Dollar-worthy haircuts? Because of his expertise, the Italian-born hairdresser recently signed with Coty, became global ambassador of Wella and opened a new salon in close-by Geneva. So I packed my things and visited Ferretti to ask him about his ideas and the haircut of the “most luxurious hairdresser of the world”, as he is often referred to.

Rossano Ferretti The Better Places Celebrity Haircut New York Rome Monaco Travel Design Blog Germany
It takes Rossano Ferretti just a few seconds, to find out which cut suits you best. Like when our editor Gloria visited Ferretti in Switzerland.

Seriously, is it worth it?

As a former beauty editor I’m not easy to impress, but I must say, the trip to Geneva was one I definitely do not regret. Not only because Ferretti himself is one of the most inspiring people to meet in the beauty business but also because of his experience and his vision of how important the change in the beauty industry really is. “It doesn’t help if hairdressers simply cut any hair cut just because they know the technique. You have to be able to respond to the requirements of the customer’s hair. My aim is to highlight the natural beauty of women. I used to do a lot of hair at fashion weeks all over the world, but now I focused on the invisible haircut and my salons all over the world.”

Rossano Ferretti The Better Places Celebrity Haircut New York Rome Monaco Travel Design Blog Germany
Well-designed, and always with a distinct look for every city: salon of Rossano Ferretti in Milan.

Small salons which look like design boutiques

Ferretti explains his progressive business concept behind his vision. The reason he is more into unique cutting stations within a distinct building, than big venues. The locations are always smaller salons with few cutting stations, which gives a spa feeling, offering massages or other wellness treatments. He himself recently closed his last large concept salon in Beverly Hills and now runs almost exclusively small salons in hotels with only two or three cutting stations. “The most important thing anyway is a sensible personal consultation”, as he points out again.

Rossano Ferretti The Better Places Celebrity Haircut New York Rome Monaco Travel Design Blog Germany
“It is unusual to open a salon on the second floor. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it worked out”, says Ferretti about his different concept salon in Rome.

But does it really have to cost this much?

If you want to meet the maestro himself, yes. But of course the well-trained staff at his salons around the world can indeed do almost the same to your hair. “You don’t want to see my travel schedule, I’m always taking care for every employees knowledge and doing workshops with my hairdressers in every salon”, Ferretti explains. And the good thing about it: To get your hair done in one of the salons starts at 200 Dollars. Which is still a lot, compared to other cutting prices especially in Germany, but very much worth it, when I think of how much time and money for styling products I will now save with this haircut. Why? Because Ferretti got what my wavy, unruly texture obviously needed so I can now wear them air-dried everyday. No heat styling required anymore.

Rossano Ferretti The Better Places Celebrity Haircut New York Rome Monaco Travel Design Blog Germany
Even weeks after and without the help of Rossano Ferretti, the haircut of our editor is still on fleek: Gloria von Bronewski during Fashion Week in Paris.

Where to find the salons of Ferretti?

His 24 locations can be found on three different continents. In the US, you can get an appointment in New York, Beverly Hills and Miami. In Europe the salons are based in Paris, Madrid, Milano, Monaco, Rome, Belgrade, Geneva, Chiavari, Verona and Ferrettis hometown Parma. To find out more about his locations and the salons located in Asia, follow this link.

This article was written following a press invitation by Wella Professionals.

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