Roomers Baden Baden The Better Places Hotel Review


It doesn’t have to be far away from home to be fun: Why we had one of the best nights at Roomers Hotel in Baden-Baden.

I’m working in Berlin at the moment and so my best friends from home are spread all over Germany. So it’s not that easy to spend a weekend with all of them, unless there is a wedding or it’s christmas time, when everyone returns to their homes. So us six girls decided to stay one night somewhere in Germany and picked Roomers Hotel, which is already well-known among design enthusiasts and is located in the calm city Baden-Baden.

Why? Because the owners Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu have done a very nice job with their first Roomers hotel in Frankfurt and their new hotels will be opening soon in Berlin and Munich. So we wanted to see what all the good stories we heard about their places are all about. And why not travel to the lesser known parts of Germany for once?

The cozy lobby with dark wood, nice books, fireplaces and a great selection of leather furniture by Italian interior designer and architect Pierro Lissoni.


What to do in Baden-Baden?

And of course, because Baden-Baden is also said to be a beautiful, little city worth visiting. And besides strolling around the nice Art Nouveau architecture, everyone who is into gambling will have a lot of fun at the grand casino or who is into art could spend some time at museums (the exhibition by Sigmar Polke at Frieder Burda Museum is well worth seeing at the moment). If you want to get around in town, you can use the Audi shuttle service from the hotel.

View from the rooftop terrace at Roomers Baden-Baden: Festival opera house, nice architecture and of course the black forest.
And yes. There is a pool right behind you at the rooftop terrace: sundowner goals.

The interior of Roomers

Or you just do it like us: Stay in the hotel for 24 hours and have a lot of fun there. Because, let’s be honest. We were so happy to see each other again, that we spend a lot of time lying around on the comfy beds, having many glasses of champagne and hanging around in this beautiful hotel and on their rooftop. Because besides of their design rooms with their clean and light style, they have a spa area with 500 squaremeters. Definitely worth visiting.

Vitreous bathrooms, light wood, white fabrics: The clean design of one of the 130 rooms at Roomers Baden-Baden.

The restaurant Moriki

After a fabolous afternoon we started our evening at the restaurant Moriki. It is located next to the patio of the hotel and seriously: We had one of the best sushi ever there. And also: Try their beef tenderloin there. They have a real amazing taste to create Asian dishes with local ingredients.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-22 um 21.03.36.png
Dinner to start into the night: the Pan-Aasian dishes and the award-winning sushi at Moriki Restaurant.

Party at the hotel bar

When dinner is finished (hopefully you also tried their chocolat fondant cake in the end), you just have to walk through the hall to arrive in the nice bar at Roomers. Hotel bars are always fun, but here is a worth-seeing mixture of locals, young people and staff of the hotel partying all night. And yes, the DJ there was really into hip-hop. So guess what, we had a lot of fun and of course, the worst hangover the next day.

The hotel bar at Roomers: Everyone who is in town will pass by on a saturday night here.
And another glowing bar on the rooftop: At night you have a lovely view over the city.

The day after

There is nothing better than a hotel breakfast. Honestly, I love it so much that I’m pretty sure, all PR ladies who have been with me on a trip, think that I’m starving. I want to try everything and it’s even more fun when you can fight your hangover with a glass of champagne. Before we all had to leave to our cities again, we spend some time at the terrace again. Our favorite place. Especially because we discovered one of the best ‘Currywurst’ we had for a long time (even though I’m in Berlin at the moment) at the bar on the top floor.

Best hangover cure at the next day: sausages with fries and truffle mayonnaise on the rooftop.
Girls from my hometown Lindau: Reunited for 24 hours at this lovely hotel. We couldn’t made a better choice.

Thank you, Roomers Baden-Baden. We are looking forward to the openings in Munich of Roomers and of Provocateur in Berlin.

Photo credit: Gloria von Bronewski, Roomers Baden-Baden


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    Thank you for the introduction of the Roomers. I have been in search of new hotels in Germany and am glad I came across your blog. The Japanese restaurant is a big plus for people coming from Japan, too.

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