Buenos Aires like almost every capital city in the world obviously has many wonderful museums you can visit. However, how should you choose from all of them? If you are a Contemporary Art fan like me, then these are the four museums you must check out:

MACBA – Museum of Contemporary Art

Non-formal education through art is one of their main purposes at MACBA. The museum exhibits contemporary artists from all around the world. The Museum of Contemporary Art is proposed as a forum for reflection and access to the different tendencies of contemporary art and, in particular, to geometric abstraction, given its local and global historical importance. With their cool and modern architecture located in the middle of the artsy area San Telmo, they show minimalists in a modern space.


Address: Av. San Juan 328, C1141 CABA, Argentina

MALBA – Latin American Art Museum

My all-time favorite museum! In 2012 when I visited Buenos Aires for the first time I went to this museum and fell in love with it. The architecture, the atmosphere, and the art. Not only do they show one of my favorite artists Frida Kahlo but also many cool upcoming Latin American artists, which are always interesting to see. Take half a day and enjoy the museum and before leaving enjoy a very delicious coffee in their Museum Cafe and just hang out there.


Address: Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, C1425 CLA, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Fundación Proa is a private art center in the famous area of La Boca. It is also specialized in Contemporary Art and has its focus on spreading the artistic movements of the twentieth century. The Museum has a beautiful location directly at the River Matanza, in the artsy and colorful area of La Boca, so you can combine it with a visit to the diverse Tango shows in La boca. They also have a great Terrace for lunch and drinks.



Address: Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza 1929, C1169 CABA, Argentina


The museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires is also located in the cool district of San Telmo in an old tobacco factory. One learns about modern art from an Argentine perspective. The museum holds more than 7,000 pieces of contemporary and modern art. So definitely worth every visit!


Address: Av. San Juan 350, C1147 AAO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Photos: from museums 


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