A new bar has opened in Frankfurt: BONECHINA.  However, it is not only a regular bar like you would expect, no! There is a whole new concept behind it. Have you ever heard about a bar where there is no bar counter and you can mix your drinks yourself? No? Then here you go, welcome to BONECHINA.



Location & Interior

The owner Sven Riebel has opened in one of the weirdest party areas of Frankfurt called Alt-Sachsenhausen an absolut new bar concept. Already on the outside of the bar there is a sign saying “I was at home last night” – entering the bar you already know you will have a crazy night. The bar has 35 square meters and looks more like an living room in an abstract art piece. Sounds weird? Yes, but thats how it it. The walls are covered with blue diamond-shaped tiling and in the middle of the room there is a bone china blue elephant, which spits Tonic Water. That is also where the name of the bar comes from. And after guests went crazy about the special made tiles, the owner Sven Riebel decided to produce them and even sells them now. Just in case you want some 😉

The exterior of the new bar in Frankfurt


The Concept

Riebel wanted to get rid of all conventional bar concepts and has created a bar without barkeepers. With the concept that guests can mix their own drinks he wants to get people together so they start mingling. Everyone can mix whatever they feel like, of course there are bartenders which can assist you and help you to create a drink but they will not do it for you. For everyone like me who loves Gin Tonic, you can just take some Gin and go to the Elefant which is spitting homemade Tonic Water. How cool is that? We all have heard about chocolate fountains but I have never heard about a Tonic Water spitting Elephant.

Blue bone china elephant spitting Tonic Water.
Very cool and minimalistic seating areas.

You don’t feel like you are in a bar, but more like in a living room from a crazy friend. The concept is to get people who love experimenting with alcohol and are interested in the whole mixology culture. For Riebel, guests who want to drink shots and party all night are at the wrong place in his bar. He wants to keep the standard high and the drinks delicious especially in the area where the bar is located. The Bar is opened three days a week; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and during the weekend you can rent it for private parties.

bonechina0204 1.jpg
Feel like home
Even the bathrooms are cool

So next time you are in Frankfurt go and check it out and let me know what you thought about the delicious homemade Tonic Water 🙂



Adress: Große Rittergasse 64, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Photo credit: Bonechina



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