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The current situation in Hamburg: It’s cold. It’s dark. No one wants to go outside. Most nights I stay home and I don’t see anyone for months. But that’s about to change and I am overexcited about this one: a new Ramen restaurant and bar concept will officially open in Hamburg next week, and it sounds just too good to be true.

So, of course, we had to see what it was all about: We met up with Vena Steinkönig and Valentin Broer, who came up with the idea some years ago after many travels to Japan. From the initial idea of finding a place and realizing their dream, it took the duo almost 6 years. Now, they proudly present a new dinner concept that was definitely missing in a city like Hamburg.


The reduced menu of their soft-opening week already had plenty of choices of Ramen: Shoyu, Miso, Spicy Miso, Tantanmen, and Tonkotsu as well as one choice of Gyoza for starters. We hope to see more add-ons on the menu, because who doesn’t love extra toppings. From next week on, there will be more vegetarian, soon even vegan options to choose from, and desserts. We love desserts. Especially black sesame ice cream or Macha layer cakes!

Breaking from the traditional concept of a Japanese Ramen Shop, the boys want to create a place, that’s not only good for a delicious slurp but also to hang out with friends, have drinks and stay longer. There is also a bar that will be an Izakaya concept. The bar chef Pät Barten plans to create a wide range of cocktails and highballs to enjoy.



The restaurant is surprisingly big, not at all a small Ramen joint that you would maybe expect. There are four rooms, all feature very cool wall art, by French and local artists. There is a downstairs bar, that’s all black with some cool glowing lights above the bar. Just perfect for a couple of sake cocktails to end the night.


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MOMO Ramen
Margaretenstrasse 58
20357 Hamburg

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday only for dinner

Photos: Valentin Ammon, Jessie Schoeller


  1. sbhopper8

    Sounds like the weather in Seattle! I love Hamburg, and I love Seattle, but cold and dark is proving more difficult than I thought it would be when I moved here.

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