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This time it’s not about a nice place to travel to, but instead about someone who made my home in Argentina an even better place. Meet La La Lama, our new happy friend at our Polo Club in Buenos Aires.

It all started with my trip to the Province of Salta in the North of Argentina a few years ago. Llamas everywhere! I couldn’t make enough photos of this funny, almost goofy looking animals. But to get one myself?

Say hello to La La Llama

I couldn’t stop dreaming about having my own Llama. And it happened: My fiancé fullfilled my wish last week. We drove to a small town in Argentina called San Antonio de Areco to pick up my one year old white Llama. It was love at first sight. After a wild transportation action he finally arrived at our Polo Club. With his big eyes and his super fluffiness, we welcomed him in his new home.

Fun fact: Llamas like bright colours so if you want to take a selfie with one of them wear something bright.
One year old La La Llama loves humans.

What do you do with a Llama?

Many people have asked me this question and my answer is “I have absolutely no clue. I just love Llamas, ha ha”. And indeed, I didn’t want to get a Llama for the wool or breeding aspect. We have space and facilities here, so I can offer him a beautiful life. And every morning when I pass him, he makes me smile with his long neck and his big black eyes. I am already playing with the idea of making him his own Instagram account to share his adventures with you.


La La Llamas favorite food is Alfalfa.

And what’s coming next?

At the moment our Llama lives on the field with two other horses. But our aim is to keep him without any fences, so he can walk around the premises. And because you probably want to know: No, he has not spitted on me yet. I go to him everyday to feed him and make him get used to me, so in long-term I am training him to come when I call him. Until now we are super lucky because he is very friendly and interested in humans. Since he is only one year old, I think I will have achieved my goal in a few weeks. And then we will surely get him a female friend.

I keep you posted 🙂

Happy Llama.


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