From the moment we came back from our trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to escape the cold winter in Germany it’s become clear: we’re in love with Israel. The culture, the people, the food and the cities. Now, how do you bring that fantastic feeling back when you’re home? Exactly. It’s finding authentic, delicious Israeli food in our hometowns. Reason enough for us to dedicate this issue of our monthly column at SUPER PAPER magazine to a food guide with the best spots for some Hummus & co in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, and Munich.



Nana Meze
You’ll find plenty of restaurants in Israel, that remind you more of a casual Bistro or like when you’re invited to a friends place for dinner. It’s that exact feeling at Nana in Haidhausen. Typical for Israeli cuisine: it’s important to share everything! There’s a fantastic choice of Mezze like Baba Ganoush or Hummus, Eggplant in spicy tomato sauce, salads and freshly baked Pita bread. Make sure to order the home-made lemonade!

Metzstraße 15, 81667 München


Neni at the 25 Hours Royal Bavarian Hotel
Until now, the area surrounding the main train station in Munich was not really known for nice restaurants. That changed dramatically with the opening of the 25 Hours hotel, where you’ll also find Neni, a restaurant, and food concept originally from Vienna. Pretty interior details and hip neon writing around you as roasted eggplants, hummus, traditional Har Bracha Tahina with Amba and organic eggs on Laffa bread is served.

Bahnhofplatz 1, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, 80335 München
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The name comes from the oldest district in Tel Aviv and this place is truly special and has become a favorite of ours. It’s possible that during dinner time, one of the waiters will grab the golden microphone to sing and dance through the Bar. There’s a sweet date honey yogurt, pickles, and the famous roasted cauliflower. So, if you’re in Mitte, have a glass of Israeli red wine for us!

Gormannstraße 17B, 10119 Berlin


Kanaan Express
We fell in love with Jemenite Malawach at a street food market in Jerusalem. The only place where you can get it in Berlin is this restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg. The Hummus here is said to be the best in town. If you come here, try the mix from Israeli and Palestinian dishes, the home countries of the two owners. Our recommendation: try the Hummus together with the exotic Mango-Curry mix. And try and come during the warmer months, when you can sit outside.

Kopenhagener Straße 16, 10437 Berlin



Neni at 25 Hours Altes Hafenamt Hotel
You’ll not only find Neni in Munich but in the meantime in just about every location of the 25 Hours Hotels. We really like the one in Hamburg, because of the unique location, a beautiful old harbor master’s building, and the wonderful Interior mix. The food here is as delicious as we know it from the other locations. Especially the “Zigarren”, oriental spring rolls have a place in our hearts.

Osakaallee 12, 25hours Hotel Altes Hafenamt, 20457 Hamburg



Café Lenoar

Lovingly called Leonar, this Café in the old Jewish quarter of Hamburg the Grindelhof, is also a literature café and artsy center. We like to come here for breakfast: Bagel with salmon and cream cheese, Shakshuka with hummus and Tehina, Labane and Tabouleh. Throughout the day they serve delicious falafel, Mezze and Reuben’s sandwich with Pastrami and traditional Sauerkraut.

Grindelhof 59, 20146 Hamburg




With locations in Tel Aviv and Paris, the restaurant in Vienna just behind Stephansplatz is surely not only for insiders anymore. Whether you come here for the delicious street food pita dishes or the whole roasted cauliflower head – by the time they scream your name you’ll be transported back to the busy Souks of Israel immediately.

Schulerstraße 4, 1010 Wien
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Pictures: Neni, Nana Mezze, Yafo, Kanaan, Café Leonar, Miznon

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