Some restaurants with a good customer base can probably bridge the Corona crisis phase offering a take-out or delivery service. Restaurants that have neither a delivery vehicle nor enough regular customers who would come by to pick the meals up have a harder time.

The same thing happens to the owners of small shops for books, flowers or fashion: Very few people would think of ordering something for delivery or pick-up by phone from such shops. In Germany this means a risk to 3 million business owners.

There are some new ways, retailers and restaurant owners can generate sales even tough they’re closed to the public in this phase. Word has gotten around on social networks. Under the hashtag #supportyourlocal, people publish photos of delivered or picked up food from their favorite restaurants on Instagram – or ideas on how to support small businesses on a larger scale outside the restaurant business. Find here our pieces of advice and helpful websites at the end of the article, how you can prevent your favorite artists, restaurants and shops from disappearing during the corona-crisis.

1. keep tickets for cancelled concerts or readings instead of returning them

James Blunt still played in front of an empty auditorium, but not every event is streamed online now. If you have tickets for readings or concerts that are cancelled now, don’t return them. Especially if they are from small artists and singers. This is how you support them.

2. Check social media accounts of your favorite shops regularly

Especially when it’s about small shops, vintage stores and independent designers. To keep up to date with their current situation and if they sell new stuff online,, check the social media channels regularly. There you will find updates on what’s new and whether a visit (by appointment) or online-shopping is somehow still possible.

3. Buy products and merch online

Your favourite restaurant also sells its own T-shirts, coffee or other products? Go for it. Your favourite shop also offers its assortment online? Then have a look there before you order new stuff to fight your boredom by shopping on Amazon, Zara or H&M.

4. Buy vouchers

Sure, in the current situation vouchers are of little use to you. However, for restaurants, cafés or small shops they serve as a kind of credit that you can get back when the public restrictions are relaxed again and you give them a constant cash-flow in the months, where they don’t make any business.

5. Food delivery and take away – and give a little more tip

Restaurants, cafés and even bars, which previously did not offer a delivery service, are currently switching to it. So you can continue to eat your favourite dishes, only at home. Alternatively, you can go straight there and take the food with you. In this case, however, make sure you keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres, pay by card and – as hard as it is – do without any Tupperware you may have brought with you. In those times it is alright to use the disposable plates. And make sure, to give some extra tip.


here are some websites, which help you to find restaurants offering take-away and vouchers now.

– This platform supports restaurants and shops in Milan, Berlin, London and New York by asking you to give some extra tip aka donations: Please don’t close

– Buy vouchers for shops, cinemas and bars in Berlin:

– Find vouchers for restaurants in Berlin: #supportyourlocal

– Find restaurants for take-away in Cologne:

– This app helps small businesses to set up a delivery service: Einzelheld

– From Hamburg to Munich to Hannover – in more than 50 cities in Germany, you can support restaurants with: Pay Now Eat Later

– Buy restaurant vouchers in Austria:

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