I was invited to be part of a global warming exhibition to Greenland. A selected group of 15 people from all over the world from Kenya, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and Germany were invited by an organisation called Family Business Network (where I am a member for a few years) to join this awareness trip into the ice of Greenland.

The trip started in a small town called Ilulissat directly at the ocean. We stayed in a very simple but nice hotel called Hotel Arctic. We spent two days brainstorming with professors, marketing experts, environmentalists and publishers about how our planets temperature is slowly but surely rising.

Grönland 4.2010 helena 628.JPG
View from our hotel room on the floating ice

On the third day we flew with a helicopter to Qasigiannguit, from where we took dog sledges into the middle of the ice to see the effects of global warming with our own eyes. We stayed in a small fisher hut in the middle of nowhere, sleeping on yoga mats and sleeping bags.

Grönland 4.2010 helena 203.JPG
Stopping with the helicopter next to a beautiful glacier
Grönland 4.2010 317.JPG
Me in a helicopter – from one glacier to another

The dog sledges

There were dog sledges for either one or two people with a local driver and 12-15 dogs pulling the sledge. It was a once in a life time experience. We spent around eight hours on the sledges without phone reception and without talking. It sounds boring, but it was incredible how fast time passed and how connected one felt to nature. I think on the sledge, I have found my inner peace and calmness for the first time in my life.


I know, a fisher hut and yoga mats sound uncosy, but it was great. At night the dogs were hauling, the locals were singing around a fire and I was enjoying the beautiful view of the northern lights, which were dancing above our heads. It was absolutely magical.

Every morning we started very early brushing our teeth with ice water with a view on a frozen lake. We stopped at glaciers and sat for many hours listening how the ice was slowly cracking and melting. It was a sad and touching experience because finally I saw the effects of global warming. One would think spending so many hours listening, watching and feeling would bore you at one point, but it really didn’t. The feeling of belonging to nature has never been stronger and purer.

Grönland 4.2010 385.JPG

Grönland 4.2010 helena 404.JPG
The dogs resting while we were walking towards the glaciers

After spending so much time in nature without any phone reception, electricity and unnatural noise like cars it was a weird feeling coming back to society.  After these three days we arrived back in the hotel and no one of our group wanted to turn on their phone because everyone was still trying to hold on to the peace of nature.

Grönland 4.2010 helena 409.JPG

Grönland 4.2010 helena 306.JPG
At – 40 degrees you need good clothes to stay warm

Back at the hotel

In the last two days we started to brainstorm and discuss of how we can create awareness for global warming. So, we came up with a marketing project called “Global Heartbeat” which we are pursuing and working on – to hopefully make a difference. The project is still at it’s beginning, but I will keep you posted of it’s development.

Photo credit: Helena Schoeller


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