Yes. I watch Game of Thrones. And yes, I’m counting the days until Season 8 is finally released and we find out who takes the Iron Throne.

Imagine how excited I got when I found out that HBO Nordic partnered up with Lapland Hotels SnowVillage to create a Game of Thrones inspired hotel, where you can have a drink at the “Dragon bar” and wake up in the “white walker suite”.

I know, it’s kinda scary, but so so cool – take a look at the iced Iron Throne with The Mountain standing next to it!



The Snow Village

The whole snow village in Kittilä will be open until April 2018 and covers an area of roughly 20.000 square meters, that is also open to day visitors. It has been constructed yearly for several years, this year however they included a whole Game of Thrones section at the Snow Hotel. Temperatures inside are -5 C, so you’ll have super warm thermal sleeping bags in the rooms. There’s a restaurant, a cinema, a chapel, and a bar, all made entirely of snow and ice.




The Bar

My favorite character in the show? There’s no question it’s Khaleesi. Seriously though, everyone envies her for her hair, her strength, her lover (!) and her dragons. At the Snow Hotel, you can now perfectly pretend you’re here. Standing at the bar, sipping a cold drink from an iced glass with this dragon guarding over you will definitely give you a Khaleesi moment to remember.



Address: Lapland Hotels Snow Village, Lainiotie 566, 99120 Kittilä

All pictures: Lapland Hotels



  1. Shagun

    Oh, this is such a great share! Thank you. I’d really like to visit. I visited the Ice Hotel in the Swedish Lapland, which they build every year with fresh ice, and interestingly have ice rooms with ice beds for people to stay over! People in Lapland for sure get creative with their ice 🙂

  2. Jessie Schoeller

    Hi Jose, yes guests are welcome to visit Snow Village without staying overnight. Snow Village is open for visitors daily 10-22 until 8.4.2018. Entrance fee is 15 € for adults and 8 € for 4-14 years old children.

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