Wow! Something completely different. Did you ever want to be in a show where you lose all sense of time and space? Where language doesn’t matter and personal space is ignored? Then I have the ultimate show for you – Fuerza Bruta in Buenos Aires!

Fuerza Bruta also called “Brute Force” is a dynamic and immersive theater experience. The audience is engaged in a 360 degrees performance with mind-blowing visual effects just inches from the audiences heads.  The whole show happens while you are standing (there are no seats) in a black room where the stage is the room.

The performance happens only inches above the audiences heads

The Show

The show starts by the audiences facing a normal/ordinary stage where suddenly loud music starts and the artists are starting to play with immense force big drums and sing their hearts out with words you don’t understand – it sounds more like a Tribe singing. And suddenly people are flying over your head  screaming and paper guns exploding. The show has begun and I promise you it will not get any calmer. The stage is gone and the room becomes the stage. From water performances over your head, to a man running through moving walls, to people flying through the room catching the audiences and to beautiful women chasing around the walls. While your perception of space changes your senses are being sharpened. There are no limits!

A man running through moving walls


The audiences are constantly redirected around the room – somethimes facing the sides, sometimes just staring up, somethimes kneeling down or just dancing in the middle of the room with the performers who are jumping around and flying away over your heads. The show takes you to a differnet world where you feel like a child, wanting to touch everything and to be part of this crazy theatre performance.



The power and energy of the show gives you a feeling of immortality. There are no more rules. You let yourselve go in a way that only children do. You do everything the artists tell you to do, but with such a possitive passion that you feel part of their world. Time has never felt that short!

I have never seen something like this show before in my life and I have been to many shows. It is a once in a life time experience where to find words to describe it is almost impossible. So you just need to see it!


Fuerza Bruta is coming up with two tours in Latinamerica (Mexico and Colombia) and a new show in Tokio, Japan which is called “Fuerza Bruta WA!”



Adress: Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junín 1930, C1113AAX CABA, Buenos Aires

Photo credit: Keiko Tanabe and Fuerza Bruta


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