The best way to reset yourself is to escape into nature, trading in blue light screens for blue sky and panoramic views – in those spectacular glass hotels.

Kakslauttannen Arctic Resort, Finland

Surrounded by pine forests and sprawling tundras, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a childhood dream come true. Their igloos aren’t just perfect to watch the Northern Lights, they are also hosting a delightful Santa’s Village and Yuletide festivities leading up to Christmas Day.

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The Starlight Room, Italy

Glass Hotel Starlight Room Italy the Better places

On a hillside at the Italien Dolomite Alps, you find this blocky, wooden room on enlarged skis so it can be rotated for the best mountain views. You can also stargaze through the glass ceiling, but this hotel is just open from June to September, insulated glass keeps the heat in at night.

Panorama Glass Lodge, Iceland

30 minutes away from Reykjavik, you find this modern, simplistic hut with panoramic views across the Hvalfjörður fjord to snow-covered mountains. It‘s not as small as other glass houses are normally built, you find here a living room and kitchen area and a bathroom, too.

Sky Lodge, Peru

Between Cusco and Machu Picchu, those futuristic glass pods dangle over a thousand feet up the side of a mountain. But don’t worry, they are safely secured in place and made with reinforced, weather-resistant materials. After the hike to get there, there is a special reward the next day: For getting down in the morning, strap into the zipline harness and zoom down to the sacred valley.

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Kingston Treehouse at Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Located at Kruger National Park, here you could fall asleep listening to the sounds of elephants rustling and passing by. This treehouse’s platform is reached by a photogenic walkway, and once you reach the house, its wall-to-wall glass encloses the bathroom area at the back of the platform and a canopy bed in front.

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