After I have visited many bars in Buenos Aires to search for my ultimate favorite, I think I finally found it. Let me introduce to you: “Florería Atlántico”, one of the best cocktail bars in the city.

But wait! It’s not only a cocktail bar. It is actually a shop for flowers and wine, too. This unique bar is located on Arroyo street, near the railway station of Retiro, close to the port area in a beautiful, old french building. Entering the bar, you first have to go through the beautiful decorated flower shop take a back door, climb down the stairs until you reach the mystical bar.

Sea monsters are the decoration on the wall.

What is the concept?

Everything at Florería Atlántico; -the drinks, the menu, the decoration and the walls – remind you that Argentina was the most popular destination for European immigrants. The whole concept is inspired by those men and women  who have been arriving since the 19th century to Buenos Aires from so many different European countries. The bar gives you the ultimate atmosphere of the multicultural city. The mixture of drinks like the “Coquete”, which is french cocktail, and the local snacks with the beautiful flower and wine shop make the “Florería Atlántico” the place to be in this lively city.

The flower and wine shop, which you have to pass to come to the bar.
“Coquete” is a french cocktail with gin, sauvignon blanc and blueberries –  served in a box with a mirror.

The owner

The owner Renato Giovannoni, also called “Tato”, is truely a personality. He has a deep connection to the Atlantic Ocean, since he grew up at the sea in Pinamar (250 miles away from Buenos Aires) and lives half time in Rio. That’s where the name “Atlántico” comes from. He has worked as a cocktail consultant all around the world and a few years ago, he opened Florería Atlántico, which is still the only South American bar, listed in Drinks International Best “50 bars in the world”. So it is really worth the visit!

Renato Giovannoni is the most celebrated bartender in Latin America.


Address: Arroyo 872, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina




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