This Tea Bar in Moscow is a Terracotta Design Dream

The idea of this tea bar was to create an interior that could turn the process of creating and consuming herbal drinks into a moment of enjoyment and exploration of taste, undisturbed by the presence of other guests. Vodniy Tea Bar was designed by Atelier Prototipi and the architects Alex Klimov and Eugene Cherkas.

The floor is finished with authentic concrete textures and black terrazzo, the furniture is soft velvet in warm hues. At one side of the the bar you can find a circular gallery with two open rooms, where guests can be on their own apart from the vivid tea bar scene. On the walls you can see conceptual paintings by the belarusian artist vadik fin.

Burnt orange or terracotta tones are in high demand this season, making this design space has a special twist. Because from walls to ceiling, everything is toned in the shades of red clay, inspired by the landscape of Morocco. The details made of brass and lady onyx marble give the interior a fresh accent.

We can’t wait to come to Moscow and visit this beauty in real life.

Photo credit: Alexandra Kononchenko

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