Still to cold to eat outside? Don’t you miss to sit on a terrace with a beautiful view without freezing? Then you need to visit Coppa Club London. However, instead of sitting at boring tables, crunched up under a heater, you sit in luxurious glass Igloos.

Most stunning view over Tower Bridge of London.

Yes you have heard it right, glas Igloos. On their beautiful terrace facing to the south overlooking Tower Bridge, you can enjoy a super cozy meal. The Igloos are re-designed with Perspex sliding doors, heaters, blankets and of course speakers to listen to music.  The Igloos are fantastic to rent for small private dinners or drunken nights with your friends during the cold winter time. Even though there are several Igloos you don’t notice the other guests. Entering the Igloos you feel like dining in your own restaurant with the most stunning view in London.


Enjoying delicious but simple European food.

The Igloos are super popular so for all of you who are planing to visit London reserve way in advance. There is only a limited amount held back for walk-ins only. So be quick to reserve.

For all of you who are to late to reserve an Igloo, it is still worthy to visit this cool restaurant. It has a raised lounge and the most beautiful marble herringbone floor. And of course the fireplace is worth mentioning, which makes the whole atmosphere even more cozy. All the seating in the lounge is designed so everyone has a view on the river Tems and the Tower Bridge. Even though the place looks super fancy it has simple but very delicious European cuisine, from healthy salads to grilled dished to pizzas. And don’t even get me started on the delicious drinks.



For all of you who rather have the beautiful view of the Thames during the day, no problem. Coppa Club is also a great place to enjoy breakfast and of course lunch. Drop in for breakfast and just stay until dinner. You will never want to leave this place again.

Enjoying a delicious English Breakfast at Coppa Club London

In total there are four Coppa Clubs in whole of London, one at Oxford Circus, one in Sonning and another in St. Pauls. However the one at Tower Bridge is the most spectacular one of them all. Not only does it have the most beautiful view in London but also the exquisite Igloos makes this place very special.

Address: Coppa Club, 3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6AH

Photo credits: Coppa Club London

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