Forget the famous, celebrity-crowded Positano. If you want to experience a truly unique experience at the Amalfi Coast, you should put Praiano on your list. It is an ancient fishing village that was the favorite summer retreat of first-century Roman emperors and is hidden between the rocky coast and a view that showcases the three Faraglioni peaks of Capri, where Ulysses heard the sirens’ song. And there is one place to stay if you are in search of nothing but calmness, a luxurious escape and the most stunning view. Casa Angelina is a boutique hotel which makes you feel like the white noise – which you normally use in music to reset your mind – hast turned into an interior concept to ease your soul.

Casa Angelina Hotel Amalfi Coast Review The Better Places Travel Magazine

The 5-star-hotel provides a clean, contemporary aesthetic and a white-on-white palette that works like a sanctuary for its guests. Relaxation and a calm stay is guaranteed. Not only because the hotel is hidden high on the cliffs overlooking the Amalfi Coast between the towns of Positano and Amalfi. Also, because the 5-star-hotel is an intimate getaway for guests who are aged 12 and over – no children or pets allowed. And besides an outstanding restaurant with a terrace to overview the bay of the Amalfi Coast, or private balconys and bathtubs with binoculars in higher suites, their bar has a menu fully dedicated to different spins on an Aperol Spritz for those who want a little bit of company and mingling with other guests.. Casa Angelina is a perfect spot to calm down, enjoy good food and be on your own besides the vibrant, narrow streets of the famous hot-spots. By the way. With 35 percent of guests getting engaged on property, the hotel offers a dedicated Proposal Concierge who can arrange things like private chef-led cooking classes on the rooftop terrace, sunset boat rides, and romantic dinners.

Casa Angelina Hotel Amalfi Coast Review The Better Places Travel Magazine


Did you know how different a white could be? At Casa Angelina they used more than 10 different shades of white to paint the hotel. Surprisingly, all varieties are from Benjamin Moore—meaning that they are widely available at hardware stores everywhere, for those who are searching for some interior inspiration. But be aware, that an all-white-interior doesn’t come without a lot of maintenance. At Casa Angelina this is a daily operation, an endless series of touch-ups. In fact, staff members carry around a damp towel at all times so they can intervene ad nauseam.

Casa Angelina Hotel Amalfi Coast Review The Better Places Travel Magazine

Those shades of white are accentuated by parti-color Murano glass sculptures who belong to the owner’s personal collection. The furnishings of the 42 rooms range from flawless cotton bed linen from the Italian heritage brand Etro to modern furniture and high-tech-gadgets like iPads with which you can order room service or book a beauty treatment. The wellness centre with indoor pool uses only products from Nectarome, an organic garden at the foot of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

Casa Angelina Hotel Amalfi Coast Review The Better Places Travel Magazine


Casa Angelina diffuses its own perfume throughout the lobby and public areas of the hotel. This scent is a mixture of citrus from Praiano – the town where the hotel is located – and distinct sandalwood. The unique room scent was created by a French parfumier especially for the hotel. You can purchase it at the hotel to bring some memories from your holiday in Italy to your home. Because, who doesn’t remember from Marcel Proust that scents are the best way to bring old feelings back?

Casa Angelina Hotel Amalfi Coast Review The Better Places Travel Magazine


The bar on the terrace of the hotel promises first class cocktails and a majestic view. The bartenders Fabio and Alessio will be happy to mix a limonce mojito or an aperol spritz with Casa Angelina Champagne from Pierre Mignon. A fine selection of cigars, Italian vintage grappas, rum, whisky or cognacs and delicious chocolates from the Tuscan craftsmen Amedei and the Parisian Patisserie Angeline are available for those who have a special craving.


There is absolutely no reason to leave the hotel during your stay, not even for an extraordinary culinary experience. And the best thing about it, since we are always in search of sustainable and something good in the hospitality industry: The products for the classic but newly interpreted dishes in the restaurant “Un Piano Nel Cielo” are all local. Chef Leopoldo Elefante’s menu includes, for example, delicately sautéed squid and lobster spaghetti, but also a rack of lamb with a pistachio crust and beef marinated in Marsala. Multi-course vegetarian tasting menus are also offered. At this amazing rooftop terrace breakfast is served, too.

The poolside restaurant serves Mediterranean specialties – from Caprese salad with locally produced Mozzarella di Bufala, juicy cherry tomatoes and peppery rocket, to Neapolitan-style meatballs with freshly caught mussels, to Torta Caprese or a pineapple carpaccio. The roof terrace is available for a very private dinner with live cooking.


For the ones who seek extra privacy or want to celebrate their honeymoon, the four Eaudesea Experience guest rooms are the choice to make. The suites are, converted from old fishermen’s huts hewn into the rock and reached via 200 steps down from the main building or a glass-fronted elevator. Only a few feet above La Gavitella, one of the best beach-clubs of the Amalfi Coast.

Casa Angelina Hotel Amalfi Coast Review The Better Places Travel Magazine

It is one of the town’s two blissfully secluded beaches, A visit to the beach club is included in your stay at Casa Angelina. So our recommendation is to spend the first half of the day at the private pool of the hotel and visit La Gavitella for lunch and stay there until the sundown. Because of its westward direction the beach club allows to catch the last rays of the coast’s famous sunsets. From there you can also book sea taxis to Positano or other towns at the Amalfi Coast. But who wants to leave Casa Angelina anyway?

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Photo credit: Casa Angelina, Gloria von Bronewski

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