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The thing with the bread

I never understood why anyone would go to a restaurant and pay for something simple like an avocado toast. Just buy good bread and an avocado and do it yourself. Seriously. Am I the worst blogger ever now? I have to admit I always liked avocados but to put them on bread? What a waste!

What’s the thing with this toast?! Because after an incredible hype since 2014, avocado toast is still around and it’s everything else but a foodie insider. Sure, some über-cool kids today claim it’s already totally out, but I mean even McDonalds in Japan introduced an avocado toast to their menu so you really can’t get away from it anymore.

On our last trip to New York and with so many recommendations for great brunch spots, which automatically included this dish – damn it, we ate us through the three most talked about avocado toasts in town to get the hype. And besides, no travel-food-blog is complete without some tips for brunch spots: So read here about our experiences.

Don’t: Two Hands Café

Aussie’s do it best? Unfortunately not true with Two Hands. I don’t know how this came along, but I must have been out of my mind to forget to order an egg on top. The regular order is just a plain avocado toast – yes, no obligatory poached egg on top. There was more bread than avocado.. Anyway the whole fact of the missing egg made the toast a very boring breakfast. So, if you go here make sure you get your order right. Or take something else entirely: Try the Corn Fritters, which my friend had – YUM!

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At Two Hands Café: Never forget to order the egg.

Nice: Café Henrie

So hip, it hurts my eyes. Café Henrie in Chinatown, owned by Graffiti artist and club owner Andre Saraiva is where the fashion crowd hangs out. The sugary pink and blue interior looks more like a 50ies diner converted into an Art Space than a restaurant. This time I remembered to order an extra side of poached egg. So when my dish arrived it looked very fancy thanks to the baby pink table – I mean look at this! The taste was ok – the bread was again much too thick for my taste, I probably won’t be back again.

At Café Henrie: Perfect combination of yummie and cute.

Do it: Jack’s Wife Freda

Ok, enough with the criticism, here’s a place where the waiting time to get a table is always worth it. This restaurant is an evergreen when it comes to avocado toast: Truely, the best one I ever had and really the only one I need in my life. The combination of dried tomatoes and the slightly spicy avocado spread with a perfectly poached egg is absolutely amazing – meet you there?

At Jack’s Wife Freda: Best avocado toast ever!



Two Hands Café, 164 Mott St, New York, NY 10013,

Café Henrie, 116 Forsyth St, New York, NY 10003,

Jacks Wife Freda, 224 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012,

Photo credits: Two Hand’s (@rachgrab and @spoonful_of_sarah)


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