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Germanys capital isn’t just a place for parties, bars or historical sights. The vegan food scene is growing. 10 restaurants you shouldn’t miss.


Berlin’s first vegan zero-waste restaurant is now open in Mitte. Open kitchen, indoor plants and a small menu with exclusively local ingredients attract foodies. Everything is plant-based, great for dinner. More information:


Another vegan food spot is to find at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. Delighting us with the finest Vietnamese tapas bowls in town, and with shakes and homemade lemonades you can’t miss. By the way, for all those who hate sharing their food, there are also delicious main dishes in a big bowl. More information:


Some days super healthy or low-carb food cannot stop what you are craving for. At those days, Maria got your back with delicious burgers, vegan chili-cheese fries and creative mocktails. Either you enjoy the shaby-chic interior, or you sit outside and watch the vivid scene of Kreuzberg passing by. More information:


We must admit, this place isn’t a restaurant. But it can’t be missed by anyone, who is into vegan sweets. Or sweets in general, because here you won’t miss any ingredient in their tasty and creative donut recipes. Try the Chocolate Peanut Fudge. More information:


This Japanese soup joint runs several venues in Berlin, but my favorite is the one at Bergmannkiez. In every location they serve the usual meaty Ramen broths, but for a few months they also offer entirely vegan soups, too. You have to get the vegan pork belly!


The best ice cream you will taste in Berlin. The female-run business isn’t only one of the hotspots in the vivid Graefekiez, also they have the most creative but never too sweet flavors. Their signature ice cream is the vegan “Spaghetti-Eis” with either strawberry or pistachio. And their monthly selection cups could also always be made in a vegan option, too.


Vietnamese food is the kitchen where most of you generally find a vegan option. But this restaurant offers a whole menu made for vegans. Try their fake duck or happy vegan chicken with Pad Thai or their sushi bowls with vegan Wasabi mayonnaise.


It’s not exactly new to make meat from Seitan, but this place is a legendary go-to-spot for vegans. They Seitan is super tender and the sauces (which are always a game changer for me) come in vegan yogurt or garlic tahini options.

At first they seem like every other hip Neapolitan pizza place, of which you can find a lot to choose from in Berlin, like Zola, W Pizza or the latest addition Lovebirds in Mitte. But Gazzos vegan cheese is different, it tastes great and their vegetable creations are outstanding. Always need to reserve a table there or get your pizza to go and enjoy the nightlife at Maybachufer.


The creative team from Ryong, which we reviewed in this article and which opened a second location at Prenzlauer Berg, also run the vegan and vegetarian restaurant Con Tho at Hasenheide. Here you find the most delicious Vietnamese crunchy crepes and healthy, hearty soups. The herbs and ingredients of every dish are very good for your body and health, since the owner worked with nuns of a Pagode to create the recipes.

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