When it’s this hot outside, even as a Bavarian at heart, you can’t crave for proper German food anymore. Even the dishes of the famous pasta and pizza places in Munich, seem too heavy to make it through the summer heat after lunch. So summertime is the ideal time for trying new sushi places, isn’t it? Here our top 5 restaurants, where you’ll find really good sushi in Munich.


This isn’t just another Asian fusion restaurant and definitely worth the visit because of its fancy sushi creations: the restaurant Kokumi. They also offer a great business lunch with bowls and miso soups. But you shouldn’t miss the great fusion sushi rolls, like their vegan “yasai” roll or the spicy “harakiri” with red wine and tuna.

Kokumi, Christophstraße 3, 80538 München


The chef of this sushi place in Haidhausen, Mun Kim, was born in Seoul, emigrated to Honolulu with his parents, and worked as a Wall Street banker until the financial crisis of 2008. He changed his path and apprenticed with a famous Japanese sushi master in Los Angeles. His awarded restaurant MUN in the historic part of Munich, specializes in East-Asian Fusion Cuisine with an emphasis on traditional Japanese sushi and Korean cuisine. A small, intimate restaurant, not only with great sushi creations but also with other seafood and meat dishes to share. Perfect for dates, just saying.

Mun Sushi Restaurant, Innere Wiener Straße 18, 81667 München


Long before the hype of the “speak-easy-bars” came up, there was Maria Passagne in Munich. Today, it’s an institution you shouldn’t miss. This place is one of the old-established bars in Haidhausen. First, you have to ring the bell. The inside is bathed in dim light, the walls are full of masks and small decorations and trashy details. Here you can order Maki rolls or a sushi platter, and of course, their famous cocktails.

Maria Passagne, Steinstraße 42, 81667 München


The name is short for “Sushi and Meat” and although this suggests a lot of sushi, we were also taken with the huge bowls full of steaming ramen. When ordering, just take the pencil in your hand and cross the ingredients of your choice. Apart from your custom-made soup, we especially liked the “Fire Salmon Fusion Roll” and the light Japanese summer roles. Even if the interior of Sam looks a bit like everything is on creative terms and a bit chaotic, nothing is left to chance in the kitchen. We promise.

S.A.M. Sushi and Meat, Ligsalzstraße 37, 80339 München


Located in the heart of Schwabing, above the vivid Helene Bar, you’ll find this treasure of a sushi restaurant. At Kansha it’s all about vegan and vegetarian food! The operators Catharina Michalke and Bettina von Massenbach brought the idea to their vegan Japanese from Warsaw, where they got a taste of the Buddhist temple kitchen for the first time. You won’t find typical sushi rolls here, but you won’t miss them at any point. The menu changes regularly, but our favorites where the watermelon Nigiri, Hosomaki with oyster mushrooms and leek Tempura. For dessert, go for the carrot cake with miso caramel. Also, don’t forget to try some of their great selected natural wines.

Kansha, Occamstraße 6, 80802 München

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Photo credits: S.A.M. Sushi and Meat, Kokumi, Mun, Kansha

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