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Back home from a weekend in Naples, I couldn’t go another day without a slice of Neapolitan Pizza. So I did my research and found the three best restaurants to eat Neapolitan Pizza in Hamburg. To be fair, I ordered the same Pizza, Marinara, in all of the three restaurants for comparison:


It’s been two years since the opening of Jill’s Pizza restaurant in the middle of Schanze in Hamburg and I’ve been a fan since day one. Here, the classic Marinara Pizza is served with delicious San Marzano tomatoes, a good amount of oil and garlic topped with capers and fresh basil. It’s perfect! If you’re into something a little meatier then I strongly recommend the salami with fennel – yum!

Jill – Neapolitan Pizza
Bartelsstraße 12, 20357 Hamburg
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Jills Pizza Hamburg best Pizzeria Restaurant The Better Places Travelblog Foodguide


This place is the latest addition to Neapolitan Pizza restaurants in Hamburg. Very stylish interior, this restaurant is a good spot to meet up with friends, hence the name and have some drinks. The Marinara here was very tasty, I did order some capers on top. The tomatoes were not as tasteful as at Jill’s and I think because here they serve fresh garlic on top the taste was a bit stronger. If you’re looking to order something with a bit more substance I recommend the Pizza with fresh Burrata or the spicy Salami Pizza – absolutely delicious!!

Pizza Social Club
Mühlenkamp 29, 22303 Hamburg


Best Pizza Restaurant Hamburg Pizza Social Club Interior


A newcomer in St. Pauli, this restaurant serves classic Neapolitan Pizza in a cozy atmosphere. The Marinara was served without capers and the dough here is a little crispier which is not what you’d expect but I liked it a lot! Oh, and you’ll love the beautiful ceramic plates the Pizza is served on!

Tazzi Pizza
Rendsburger Str. 14, 20359 Hamburg

Best Pizzeria Hamburg Tazzi Pizza restaurant The Better Places Travelblog Foodblog


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