In the last two years, the brunch scene in Buenos Aires evolved rapidly. From amazing bakeries with breakfast to go to sophisticated brunch spots, where you can hang out all day. Find here my five favorite brunch spots in the city.


A super stylish, elegant and modern restaurant close to the Malba Museum which is one of my favorite Museums in Buenos Aires. Entering the beautiful white house one feels like entering a private house with a lot of minimalism and coolness. We enjoyed a delicious lunch in a room like a library, however with also books having of the ceiling. Every room is different. From the library, to the garden restaurant with a fountain and a bar with many green plants to open spaces and corridors. The whole interior is inspired by nature in light green however in a very elegant and sophisticated way.



Casa Cavia, Cavia 2985 Buenos Aires, Argentina 


I love this place. Every time I drive from our polo club “La Tarde into the city I make a stop there. For all you Germans: they have really good bread. Argentina has amazing baguettes but they are not the best in baking bread – therefore I am so happy to have found this place. Delicious food, easy going atmosphere and tasty pastries. Here you can enjoy devious sandwiches with fresh ham and freshly squeezed juices and of course delicious media lunas (the Argentine croissants). It is not a place to enjoy a fancy lunch, it’s rather to hang out with friends or even alone.



Salvaje Bakery, Av. Dorrego 1829, Buenos Aires, Argentina


This place reminds me of a beautiful bakery somewhere in France. Farinelli has two different locations, one in Recoleta and one in Palermo. My favorite one is the location in Palermo because you can sit nicer. They offer many different great options from sandwiches, quiches, salads, waffles, cakes and you can order delicious fresh juices, one of my favorites is their lemonade. You can eat there but also do take-away. It’s a very cute little place.


Franelli, Bulnes 2707 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Franelli, Arroya 900 Buenos Aires, Argentina 


This is one of my favorite bakeries to go to enjoy a delicious sandwich and a freshly squeezed juice. And also here, the bread is amazing! I know I am going a bit crazy with the bread, but living in Argentina as a Swiss girl really makes you miss good quality bread. And this place has great bread! It is like a French bakery with also very delicious pastries like pain au chocolate. However, it also has great quiches and salads. But to be honest, the chairs are not the most comfortable, but the atmosphere is great. You see many young people working, reading or just meeting friends there. I can highly recommend it.



Cocu, Malabia 1510, Buenos Aires, Argentina


This place is great for all vegetarians and vegans, not only because it has a delicious healthy food, but also a super cute organic market. They offer dishes from mushroom veggie burger, to avocado toast, to delicious pastries. In the summertime, you can also sit outside. The interior is rather rustic, but very hip and cool. There is only brunch served on the weekends, but their breakfast and lunch are also great. Since everything is very fresh, organic and homemade – this place is perfect to hang out when you’re craving for something healthy. The restaurant is located in the cool area San Telmo in Buenos Aires, therefore, I would recommend, visiting the San Telmo market on a Sunday and then go for brunch there. Let me know if you liked it.



Hierbabuena, Av. Caseros, C1152 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Photos by all above mentioned restaurants 

Cover photo by Monica Grabkowska

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