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If you haven’t noticed from our previous foodie posts, we love Asian food. Anything from Ramen, Pho, Bun, Bao, Sushi – we can’t have enough of it and never get tired of trying out new restaurants. Now before I get on with the list, make sure to check out this article right here for the best Ramen in town. Sure, Berlin is on top when it comes to the variety of offerings. But here’s a list of my favorite spots in Hamburg, if you crave a nice alternative to your daily Fischbrötchen:

Oren Ishii

First, I want to give a message to the owners: would you pleeeasse also serve food after 6pm? And would you please open up a second location closer to my home? That said, it’s really the best Asian restaurant I’ve discovered in a long time. Their menus change on a weekly basis, there’s always a vegetarian option and only about 5 dishes to choose from. Everything tastes amazing, I haven’t had one day of disappointment, maybe once when we went back to have that delicious curry with coconut rice again – and it was sold out.

Address: Kleine Reichenstraße 18, 20457 Hamburg, Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 11am-6pm

best asian restaurant hamburg oren ishii ramen bar zipping jessie schoeller thebetterplaces

Ramen Bar Zipang

My first advice is to come early. You’ll see people lining up already when you arrive. It’s a quiet little Ramen Shop that serves pretty decent Ramen, with home-made noodles of course. So it can happen that at the end of the night they’re sold out. But don’t worry, the Gyoza also tastes amazing here. I recommend you get the “Corn Butter Miso Ramen”, probably not more than once a week though.

Address: Eppendorfer Weg 62, 20259 Hamburg, Opening Hours Tue-Sat 6pm-10pm.

best asian restaurant hamburg oren ishii ramen bar zipping jessie schoeller thebetterplaces

Quan Do II

I used to come here weekly. And I always order the same: Vegetarian Pho. The broth is really good, and a nice clean alternative if you’ve messed with your tummy by having some greasy Pizza the day before. The later you come in the day, the more flavor the soup has.

Address: Gertigstraße 25, 22303 Hamburg, Opening Hours Mo-Fr 11:30am – 09:30, Sat 12pm-10pm


Although this Henssler guy is not the most likable person, I have to give it to him: This guy knows his sushi. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a traditional Sushi Omakase menu place, it’s more a fusion kitchen with amazing flavor combinations. My only recommendation to you is to get anything that has ponzu, yuzu or “Nussbutter” on it. It’s basically ghee. YUM!

Address:  Lehmweg 17, 20251 Hamburg, Opening Hours Mo- Sat 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm

best asian restaurant hamburg oren ishii ramen bar zipping jessie schoeller thebetterplaces


Classic Korean BBQ, do not come here for the atmosphere.  One of our favorites on the menu is the ribs and I dare say this is the best Korean restaurant in all of Germany.

Address: Kleine Seilertrasse 1, 20359 Hamburg, Mo-Sat 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-11pm, Sun 5-11pm

Xe Ôm

Very hip Vietnamese restaurant, with street style food and nice interior. They’ve recently changed up some recipes, that is why they are now included here. Delicious glass-noodle salad and spring rolls. Also, their Pho comes with a decent amount of vegetables and tasteful broth.

Address: Karolinenstraße 25, 20357 Hamburg, Mo-Thu 12am-10pm, Fri 12pm-10:30pm, 2pm-10:30pm, Sun 2pm-10pm

best asian restaurant hamburg oren ishii ramen bar zipping jessie schoeller thebetterplaces

Reis Ninja

This food truck serves Asian Hamburgers on the weekly farmer’s markets. No glutamate added unless you are drowning your rice burger in Sriracha sauce. You can choose between beef or mushrooms, both are equally delicious. There’s also a new addition to the menu: Pho – which is a really nice flavorful Vietnamese soup with fresh herbs and rice noodles.

best asian restaurant hamburg oren ishii ramen bar zipping jessie schoeller thebetterplaces reis ninja

Shiso Burger

Yup. Many know the famous Asian variety of a burger from Berlin, and they now have a restaurant in Hamburg too.

Address: Bugenhagenstrasse 23, 20095 Hamburg, Mo-Sat 11:30am-11pm, Sun 12:30-9:30pm

Jin Gui

If you want Asian food in a fancier environment with nice drinks, then Jin Gui is the place for you. Part of the Tortue Hotel (Design Hotels) offers a mix of traditional and modern dishes with excellent Sushi.

Address: Stadthausbrücke 10, 20355 Hamburg, Mo-Sat 12am-11pm, Sun 5-9pm


The only Sushi place I regularly go to. The quality is amazing, I’ve never been let down!

Address: Papenhuder Strasse 67, 22087 Hamburg, Mo-Sa 6-10pm


Although on the pricier side, this traditional place in the city offers excellent Shabu Shabu and Tempura, besides the high-quality Sushi!

Address: Colonnaden 96, 20354 Hamburg, Tue-Fri 12am-2pm, 6:30-11pm, Sat 6:30-11pm


A favorite spot for quick business lunch, this tiny space serves an excellent choice of Shushi and Udon for lunch and dinner.

Addres: Valentinskamp 18, 20354 Hamburg, Mo-Fr 12am-3:30pm, 5:30-8pm

Le Cochinchine

I’ve come across this new restaurant in Eppendorf recently. This is my go-to-place for Curry. There’s just one on the menu and you can choose between beef, chicken, duck or tofu – although I always go for the vegetable version. It is hands down the best curry I’ve had in forever. Also, their Vietnamese pancake is really delicious. Everything here truly is freshly prepared, but that can also mean longer waiting times.

Address: Eppendorfer Weg 278, 20251 Hamburg, Sun-Thursday 5-10pm, Fr-Sa 5-11pm.

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