It’s a fact that you’re not going to impress anyone with pictures from an all-inclusive trip to Mallorca and some lousy breakfast-buffet photos on Instagram. How we can change that? By telling you what the latest travel news and trends are: we visited one of the biggest tourism trade shows ITB and the Berlin Travel Festival, to explore everything from a holiday camp for adults only to a swimming camper van.

An Origami Canoe

In less than 15 minutes you can actually fold out this ultra-lightweight rolling suitcase into a canoe for two people – no matter if you’re at a river downtown or on vacation near the sea. The idea was funded with a Kickstarter campaign and is now available to order from Denmark. “Onak” is the name of the innovation, and that backward spells out to “Kano”, which translates to canoe in Danish.


New Boutique Hotels

There are now more than 1200 properties on the platform, all of which should be on every design-lovers bucket list: the Swiss hotel “Palafitte” by Kurt Hofmann, “Juvet Landskaphotell” by Jensen &Skodvin in Norway or even an architectural classic by Albert Frey in Palm Springs or Le Corbusier in Marseille. The main idea behind “Boutiquehomes” is “for young designers to rent out their spaces, to gain new customers”, says Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler, the founders of Boutiquehomes that already have established their own two Deisgnhotels in California and Mexico.


A Summer camp for grown-ups

Archery, digital detox, and Lego-workshops: Who said that summer camps are a thing for teens only? That’s what the founders of “Sommerjung” must have thought before hosting their yearly festival at Lüneburger Heide. It’s a big festival on more than 150.000 square meters, between three beautiful lakes with tents and workshops, all to celebrate the revival of childhood feelings. But because it still is a proper summer camp, girls and boys get to sleep in separate Tipi villages.


Camper van and boat in one

This innovation is one of the coolest things we’ve seen: You can hook the “Sealander” onto your car, just like a regular caravan. But in the water, the caravan functions just like a boat, if you install a small electric motor in the back. Also, the interior, whereas a caravan you would have a table, a bench, and kitchenette, can be turned into a big chill-out bed once you’re on the water.

Sealander Moodfotografie

Art travel in Europe

At “Where About Now”, you can be part of not-too-big group travels, that focus on modern art in any given destination: Israel, San Sebastian or Provence. Places, that you might not associate with art in the first place, but where you’ll be especially thankful for some experts advice. On every trip, an art expert will be with you, and also some local insiders that will guide you through their cities.

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