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So, you only have one day and night in Shanghai? Here you go: I have the ultimate check points for you from classic sightseeing to traditional Chinese venues.

Why I know? Because I went on a business trip to Shanghai in November and proofed myself to make it in 24 hours to get the right glimpse of the city before I had to travel on.

Choose the right hotel

I stayed in the Grand Hyatt Hotel and enjoyed the view out of the skyscraper a lot.
Don’t think: Uh, a luxury hotel. Is that really needed? Yes. Because even when you think Airbnb is a nice idea everywhere else in the world: In China you’d be really happy about your comfortable hotel with western standard. And hotels aren’t as expensive as you might think first.

Get some breakfast

Enjoy a beautiful brunch at “M by the Bund” and afterwards walk around the famous Bund, which is the place between old and new China and the connection to the financial district, to see the skyline of Shanghai. The difference between the architecture is impressive from massive skyscrapers to ancient buildings.

The Bund shows old and new China

Places to visit

Then drive to the “Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar” and experience the craziness of everyday Shanghai. Just sit there , watch the people passing by and get some of the vividness. Afterwards visit “Yuyuan House”, which was built in the Ming Dynasty around 1559. It is also in the district of U Garden Bazaar.

Also look at the Confucian Temple. It is very interesting to see and take a tour guide for a quick look around. But don’t stay there too long. Because Shanghai has still so much to show you.

If you have extra time, go to the French Concession. Absolutely beautiful! Walk around there and look at the different architecture and small cafés.

Wishes at the Confucian Temple


Weekday or weekend plans?

If you are in Shanghai on a weekend go and visit the “Wedding Market” – which one could call the ancient Chinese Tinder, where parents try to find their children suitable life partners. And yes they take it really seriously!
If you are in Shanghai during the week go to a flower and pet market. It is a bit smelly due to the many different animals which are sold there at some places, but also an incredible mixture with beautifully arranged flowers.

The Wedding Market

Best view over the city

In the evening before going to dinner take a drink in the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s Bar on the 87 Floor. This view you will never forget.

And finally some dinner

In the evening go for dinner at a “Hotpot” restaurant. There are so many good ones in Shanghai. I really liked ‘Holy Cow’ which is on the second floor, 608 Xiaomuqiao Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Er Lu. This is very traditional and it is a very fun and active dining experience, especially if you are travelling with more people. Because you have a big bowl of bone broth in front of you where you can put meat, vegetables, rice etc inside and let it cook and the more people you are the more fun it gets.

Still up for some drinks?

If you are still awake in the evening go to “Bar Rouge” – great drinks, good music and a fantastic view on the Pudong. For those who want to continue dancing into the morning stop by “M1NT” – very fun night club.

Note: at all these places you need to reserve in advance (most Hotels can do that for you) and never forget to take every name and location written in chinese letters with you for the taxi driver.

Have fun!


  1. merveilletravel

    You don’t really have to make a reservation for Bar Rouge, though. I never did and always got in.
    Hotpot is great! Love that, especially in winter. Definitely have to check out the location you mentioned. I also have to check out the french concession one day.
    You forgot one important must-do: Eating Xiao Long Bao, Shanghainese soup dumplings. The best comfort food in the world <3

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