What are you doing on New Years Eve? I hate that question. It brings so much pressure with it: Where’s the best party, what should I wear? Should we stay home and cook? Do we go out and party? Shouldn’t we just book a trip and get away? Let me answer the last question: YES!

This year, we’re going to Palma de Mallorca. A short and sweet trip, so here’s the very best of it all:


There area a couple of stylish options to stay at, but Hotel Francesc is definitely our favorite. 42 modern and elegant rooms, all decorated in tasteful beige and grey colors with black highlights made me feel right at home. What’s best: There’s a panoramic terrace with a pool. You know how much we love roof tops here!



Address: Hotel Francesc, Plaça de Sant Francesc, 5, 07001 Palma de Mallorca


I am not going to list the obvious, you’ll find them easily, and yes Zara & co. are cheaper in Spain. Alternatively, with several shops on the island, Corner store is your go-to for luxury fashion. If you’re looking for lesser-known or Scandinavian brands La Principal Shop is where you’ll find the latest by Maison Kitsuné and HAN KJØBENHAVN. Maos Palma is a nice store for both men and women, with a cool sneaker collection and stuff by Samsøe & Samsøe and Mews, a Spanish label for men, that we kinda like!

Med Winds is a label from Barcelona, that design and craft all collections locally, and we are absolutely in love with their leather handbags. The collections are small, the cuts and colors only vary little but make great basics!

If you’re looking for something with more island vibe, then this hippie boutique is perfect for you: Piluca Osaba. If you do some digging here, you’ll find beautiful embroiled tunics and one of a kind jewelry.

A Must-Stop is Magatzem in Santa Catalina, for all the hand-made colorful Espadrilles.




Viveca store is located in an old garage in the heart of the old town and owned by a family from Madrid. This place is beautifully curated and sells vintage linens, old and new pottery, baskets and furniture. If you can’t make it to the store, at least follow their Instagram!

Rialto Living, is the most famous concept store on the island. It is everything. It’s the perfect combination of a clothes store, interior shop, stylish café, art gallery, and gift shop all of it in amazing baroque-style architecture building.

Another nice store to check out if you’re looking for beautiful towels, bed linen and ceramics is Bondian Living Store or if you’re into bright colorful decorations Bconnected Living in Santa Catalina.





During the day you can really drive out to the beach and have delicious lunch at any of the beach clubs just under an hour outside the city.

Cassai Beach House is open all year, there’s comfortable indoor seating swell as a terrace that overlooks the sea. Decorated with classic blue and white cushions and nautic ropes. Bar Esperanza, also along the way is a bit more laid back, boho style.

But if you’re in the city for just a day, we highly recommend you check out the foodie quarter of Santa Catalina. It’s remarkable how the old more or less run-down harbor district has transformed into a serious foodie heaven. For a relaxed dinner, good drinks and delicious tacos make sure to check out El Aquanauta. YUM! Seriously, we’ve had the whole menu and they’re all fantastic!

If you’re looking for something else, check out our blog post about the 6 best restaurants in Palma here. There’s just too much choice!




So you really only have two options: Either you stay at El Aquanauta and drown yourself in ridiculously delicious Margaritas or stagger your way two blocks down around the corner to the Sky Bar at Hostal Cuba. Either way, by the end of this day you will have fallen irreversibly in love with Palma de Mallorca,  te lo prometo!


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Go back to El Aquanauta and have another taco.

Pictures: Hotel Francesc, Viveca, Rialto Living, Bondian Living, Cassai Beach House, El Aquanauta, Hostal Cuba

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  1. Shagun

    You did quite a lot in 24 hours! So cool 🙂 We visited for one of the long Easter weekends, and didn’t think that was enough. There’s so much to see and do and eat!

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